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100 Dutch Springs Dives
ScouterJT - 5/19/2008 9:01 AM
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I reached my 100th Dutch Springs dive yesterday ! (it’s kinda sad in a way 125 dives on my BC, and 100 of them at Dutch I have to get out more)

It was a nice drive From the student side entry on the peninsula, we (Brion from and me) dropped down and navigated over to the Silver Comet then followed the ropes to the platform and the crane. From the crane, we navigated to the 6x although we started out a little to far to the west and cruised by the trolley (or so Brion says, I missed it). Anyway, down the ridge and to the left and there was the 6x. Then to the dynamite shack. Brion got some nice pictures along the way. Laying on my back, hanging from the lift bag for my safety stop, I could see lots of rain drops hitting the surface.

Yep, what started as a really nice say, got chilly and rainy. Everyone kinda looked at each other and decided that enough was enough so I’ll have to wait for my next trip to Dutch to start my 2nd century of dives there.

The first dive today was nice Brian didn’t have a full tank, so we took it easy a nice loop around the student side.

And two dives yesterday both with Greg and Jon joined us for the second not to strenous, both Greg and Jon were getting used to the wonders of Dutch (and remembering items like gloves ...) after their respective trips to Bonaire.