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Opportunity to help sharks
bobfish - 5/16/2008 9:35 AM
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Support SRI, Dive with Sandtigers!
Upcoming Expedition:
Experienced sport divers are invited to join the Shark Research Institute on an expedition in the Gulf Stream waters of the North Carolina to study sandtiger sharks, Carcharias taurus.

The shipwreck laden waters off North Carolina offer world class wreck diving and it is known that sandtiger sharks aggregate on specific wrecks. As with many shark species, the sandtiger shark not only plays a critical role within it’s oceanic ecosystem, the shark also provides a unique and valuable resource for sport divers.

Sandtiger sharks are a protected species along the east coast of the United States and thus are no longer in danger of being fished, but the current size of the population is unknown. Sport divers are needed to assist SRI with data collection. If you are a certified diver consider joining and supporting this exciting research project. (Please note that some of the diving may exceed open water certification limits.)

To reserve a space, contact Dean at 609-921-3522, or
or send your deposit to:
Sandtiger Shark Expedition
Shark Research Institute
PO Box 40
Princeton, NJ 08540

Q & A
Morehead City, North Carolina
Skill level: This expedition is for advanced divers only due to currents, depths, and location of the wrecks where the sharks are found. The dive site is about a 2-hour boat ride, and the crossings are often very rough. Because of the sea conditions we limit the number of divers on the boat. Your safety comes first.
# of Dive Days?
2 days
2 tank dives per day
June 28 & 29

Operator: Olympus Dive Center,
713 Shepard Street,
Morehead City, North Carolina
Tel: 252-726-9432,