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Deeper, Faster, Farther crowd
GirlDiver - 12/23/2007 7:34 PM
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Funny, I`ve always told my students about how the "deeper, faster, farther crowd" dives. Most of it was from experiences that I`ve had with this crowd in dive shops...but I don`t dive with these people, so nothing from real life to draw on. Today I took a charter (unknowingly) with this crowd. This particular group is well known in the area for not understanding that the water is bigger and heavier than they are...and it will kill them. The first dive was deep. They laughed...they joked...they descended. On arrival back at the boat, I didn`t hear the normal, "Hey did you see the...?" or "Wow...that was the most amazing..." When they each got back on the boat, there was the first question,"How deep did you hit?" followed by the second inquiry as to how much time their buddy still had to hang in apparently it`s ok to just leave them to complete their deco stops solo. I appreciate divers who are trained in tech. These gentlemen, however, just own the gear. I was with an Advanced Student today. She got a taste of what NOT to do. And, funny, she was the one who was pointing it out to me. Technical is great. Just get training...and follow the rules. The water REALLY IS bigger and heavier than you are. And if you decide to go against will win everytime.