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How to Make a Debris Collection Hanger
Airworks - 10/11/2020 12:28 PM
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How to Make a Debris Collection HangerI’m a big fan of the "dive against debris" idea, and have been using an efficient method to extract a significant amount of trash and debris from a local quarry. I’ve called it a Debris Collection Hanger (DCH), and it has proven to be very helpful in collecting and removing larger-sized debris in just one dive. A mesh bag can be attached to it for smaller items. Not sure if anyone else is using a similar setup (didn’t find anything in Google Images), but thought it might come in handy if you are committed to cleaning up underwater environments. Check out the attached visual.
I decided to “upgrade” the sled design by allowing the platform to be VERTICAL while underwater. In that way, BOTH sides of the platform can be used to hang and strap objects; a much more efficient use of space. The vertical orientation of the platform also eliminates the need to balance objects on a horizontal plane.
I’ve attached three other diagrams in the My Photos section of my profile that show you how to set up and deploy the DCH. The slide titles are designated numerically as DCH1, DCH2, and DCH3.