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All about tiger sharks
smilingseahorse - 5/29/2020 3:11 AM
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All about tiger sharksAre tiger sharks dangerous?
You are probably wondering, can tiger shark kill you? Do tiger sharks attack humans? It is true that tiger sharks are considered to be particularly aggressive because of its little selectivity but accidents (and they are accidents, not attacks) with humans are rare.

Keep in mind though that shark bites, all species included, are very rare. There is less than 80 cases of shark bites per year worldwide, and less than 5 deaths per year worldwide because of a shark attack (more on this in this blogpost).

These accidents, aren’t attacks: they mostly occur on surfers or people attempting to feed them which is not at all recommendable as that only encourage further problems. So as a recreational scuba diver, really, I think we are pretty safe!

What tiger sharks look like?

Because its grey-brown body is streaked with dark vertical stripes, particularly visible in young adults, while juveniles have a silver-coloured livery that is spotted as Leopard. Tasks become bars with age and then disappear at sexual maturity. These stripes is what give tiger sharks their names.
What makes the tiger shark such a great predator?
Like most sharks, the tiger shark has highly developed sensory organs making them kinda a super hero, right?
- Lorenzini bulbs allow tiger sharks to detect electric fields as well as any vibration
emitted by their prey
- tapetum lucidum located at the bottom of the retina allows them, like cats, to amplify the light and see in the darkness.
All these sensory organs are adapted to its nocturnal hunting activity.

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