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All you ever wished to know about Giant Oceanic Manta Ray: FAQ, factsheet
smilingseahorse - 5/25/2020 1:25 AM
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All you ever wished to know about Giant Oceanic Manta Ray: FAQ, factsheetArguably one of the best experiences a diver could ever have is to dive with giant oceanic manta rays. We are lucky to see them regularly during our cruises in Myanmar and I compiled a list of the questions we most often get asked about these gentle giants to answer them in our latest blogpost. If you are interest to read more click the link below:

Here is a little extract:
How do you differentiate Giant Oceanic Mantas from Reef Mantas and Mobula rays?
Giant oceanic manta rays is the largest of the Mobulae family and the largest ray in the world, while the reef manta rays is a much smaller manta ray and also less of a traveler.
5 smaller Mobulas rays species exist within the family Mobulidae Family, such as Devil rays which can easily be mistaken for mantas if you don’t know what tells them appart.
While both Mantas and devil rays have this recognisable diamond shaped body and forward facing cephalic fins; Mantas Rays’ mouth face forward while devil rays’ mouth face downward, devil rays’ body is more pointy than Manta’s body and their tails has a spine mantas don’t have.
I hope you find it interesting and please do comment if you see a way to improve it. There is so much to say about them I found it hard to stop when I did... Have a good day!