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Maldives – A Great Alternative to your Canceled Red Sea Dive Trip
scubadivingnomad - 3/04/2016 9:25 AM
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Maldives – A Great Alternative to your Canceled Red Sea Dive Trip

Maldives – A Great Alternative to your Canceled Red Sea Dive Trip

In case you have not been following the news, The Cario Post has published a story on the current state of the dive industry in Egypt,70% of the dive centers in Egypt have closed. Following the crash of a Russian Airlines last October, Russia banned flights for its airlines to Egypt. They believe the crash was caused by a bomb. London expressed the same and posted a travel warning. Most of Europe followed. While it is the low season, the numbers are way lower than normal. The Christmas and New Year holiday season normally see a 70% occupancy rate, 2015 holiday season was below 30% and most domestic tourist. TUI one of the world’s largest travel and hospitality company has closed it’s resort in Sharm el-Sheikh. They are not the only ones.

The shocking point in the Cario Post was not only that 70% of the dive centers in Egypt have closed, but that Only 10% are operational. A few airlines were scheduled to resume flights on 25 March, but, those have been delayed until May. While the Red Sea diving industry needs our support, the immediate future is unclear. If you were considering a dive resort or a liveaboard to the Red Sea for your summer vacation, it might be best to look at other options.

Maldive Dive Resorts and Liveaboards.

The Maldives is one option that can be consider There are in fact a few liveaboards fleets that have operations in both regions. While the Red Seas has some outstanding wreck sites, Maldives is more noted for the reefs and marine life that abounds. Like the Red Sea dive destinations, many diver sites in Maldives make the best in the world list. Maldives has 26 atolls and hundreds of small islands. Between the atolls are deep channels that bring in nutrient rich waters as well as large pelagics that come to feed on those feeding on the nutrient rich waters.

Maldives has a reputation as a luxury destination and as a honeymoon destination. Many of the upscale resorts are located on their own island, many the size of a football field. This insures a great deal of privacy. Generally they will have a house reef or two exclusive for their guest. However, these house reefs are not what you typically find. They are outstanding dive sites. The North and South Malé Atolls are where most of the resorts, that are not on private islands, are located and they cover a range of budgets. The diving around these atolls are outstanding.

The liveaboard industry is strong on Maldives as it can offer outstanding dive sites beyond the reach of the resorts. Like the resorts, you will find liveaboards that cater to different styles of accommodations. If you are primarily going for diving, then a liveaboard is the better option. Some resorts offer diving, but it not their main focus. These locations may have limited dive sites. There are resorts that focus on diving and they offer a range of excellent dive sites. However, it may be a long boat ride between sites. A liveaboard can bring you do many sites with a variety of diver traits.

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