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1 week until the next PADI IDC....are you prepared?
Scubabunnycr - 11/24/2014 11:00 PM
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1 week until the next PADI IDC....are you prepared?So with all the fun and excitement that has been happening in the dive shop the next PADI IDC is fast approaching. The current Divemaster program is wrapping up with the next group of Divemaster candidates waiting to get going on their path to becoming dive professionals. So, with the current IDC about to begin, what is the best way to get prepared. Now, with the program at Go Pro Costa Rica I like to work with the online portion of the IDC first which allows for all more time in the pool and water, plus extra revision if needed. So, part one of the prep would be to complete all of the IDC online, as we all know it’s useful to have your reading completed before you start class!! We are off into the pool on Wednesday to practice the skill circuit, always a good idea to get brushed up on your skills, and not just the skill circuit, rescue skills as well. During the IDC there is a chance that you could be presenting either rescue or open water skills so the more practice the better.
One of the most pressing parts of the IDC instructor course is the theory exams. Essentially you should know your theory before the IDC starts and with the help of the diving knowledge workbook and the encyclopedia of diving you can start swatting up in plenty of time before the IDC begins. With the IDC here we like to complete the theory exams early on, so there is plenty of time to revise and go through before the end of the IDC. Two days of theory revision before the IDC starts also helps, where you can cover specifically the subjects that you need to.
So, hopefully everyone will take this, read it and start getting ready...and bring on the next PADI IDC!