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How To Use Spearfishing Equipment Safely
zenmedianetworks - 9/12/2013 5:25 PM
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How To Use Spearfishing Equipment Safely

Two words that, on their own sound pretty harsh become one to spearos and that’s the way we like them. But to many the word “speargun” sounds a little less assuming, and a whole lot more confusing.

Many people have never touched or even laid eyes on a speargun except in some James Bond movie, so it is no wonder that if and when the inexperienced person comes into contact with one it seems much more like a toy or a novelty than something that could easily kill you.
“Dangerous” Spearfishing Equipment

The purpose of me writing this is not to scare or make anyone off. This is one of the rare sports that weeds out those who lack the mental fortitude to control the safety of their situation.

Truthfully, spearfishing equipment is very safe when used correctly and the only time that any of it becomes a threat is when it is used by the inexperienced diver or in the wrong manner. I’m going to go over a few common items that find their way into the wrong hands and end up hurting good divers and good people.
The Speargun As with any gun, spearguns propel a sharp object through the air for the purpose of taking the life of whatever is on the other end of it. The only exception being the glue gun.
You don’t have to stretch your imagination too far to understand anyone who picks up a speargun needs to treat it exactly as they would a real gun. Here are a few pointers that help keep spearguns safe.
Never Load The Gun Out Of The Water Never Point The Gun At Anyone Pretend It Is Always Loaded Seek Training Before You Attempt To Use A Gun And Extremely Pertinent – Don’t Leave Your Gun Out Where People (Kids) Can Get To It.

Some say that these are common sense items but they should never be treated that way. When the lives of the people around depend on tips like this it is hard to numb the reality of what they mean. Keep it safe!
Super Long Fins

Lets take a look at some equipment that is not so obvious. Fins! The fins that a spearo uses are AWESOME. We just love the power that they give us to be an extremely effective hunter.

But while they help us who know our limits they pose a threat to some people who, in group settings, try to keep up with those who dive deep, fast and long. Inexperience should be countered with teaching, but some people follow the peer pressure model of learning and get themselves too deep too soon.

Make sure that the people who you dive with are comfortable enough with their diving skills to use the equipment that they have, if you never ask you might be pushing them too hard without even being aware of it.
A Dive Knife

Mamma taught you better. Don’t worry the lecture on knife safety wont begin here because you know the deal. If you have ever had a kid it only takes them about 2 seconds to cut themselves with a knife. Just keep it out of reach of the inexperienced. Nuff Said

More often than not, dive knives pose more of a threat to our gear! Holes in wetsuits, air lines, BCs, and just about anything else you can think of is a problem if you a lazy with where you store your knife. Keep it in a special place, like in your underwear drawer.
The Weight Belt

Not a huge issue, but keep in mind that anything over 30′ and you should be floating to the surface a bit. I am not (in this post) going to get into the specifics but do what the experienced guys tell you, nothing else. Common scuba practice requires that the quick release is functioning and easy to get to in that rare case that you need to ascend to save your life.

The Lack Of A Sun Tan

Finally! Someone mentioned the fact that spearos never get any sun! Just joking, but personally as a former Alaska resident for 20 years I would give my baby away for a great suntan. Not really, he is way too cute.
Safety Is King

Safety really is king. It is what keeps us coming back home to our families and this little guy Want to recieve fresh content like HD videos, HD images, and totally awesome reviews before anyone else does? Heck Yes I Do!

How To Use Spearfishing Equipment Safely is a post from: The Spearfishing Academy