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Wicked Diving Thailand - Staff Trip!!!
similandiver - 10/21/2013 5:30 PM
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Wicked Diving Thailand - Staff Trip!!!STAFF TRIP

Well, its official, today is the day we have all been waiting for… The first day of the season! We have our first 3 day liveaboard trip going to the Similan Islands, departing tonight! We will have 12 guests joining us, and 4 dive guides on the boat (Give it up for small groups!) The staff, the boat, and the Similans are all geared up, and ready to get this season started.

The staff here at Wicked have just had an adventure of their own, on a 2 day, 1 night, 4 dive training trip. And what do you get when you put 1 manager, 2 trip leaders, 5 dive staff, 3 DMTs and the best boat crew in Thailand together? A Wicked time!!!

Our first dive was at Boon Sung wreck. What a crowd pleaser that dive site is! With schooling puffer fish, a marble ray, lion fish and scorpion fish, cat fish, cuttlefish and so much more, this dive was a fish party! We also went to check up on our artificial reef projects from previous seasons. There was a honeycomb moray eel who had found a new home in our toilet :) The water is warm with good visibility, this dive site is a great dive site to be enjoyed by all.

We then jumped in for a night dive, and what a treat that was! There is such a spooky and fun vibe about diving a wreck at night. I always like to say “the freaks come out at night” and that they did indeed! After a great dive, we were all looking forward to a big and delicious meal cooked by our chef, P Da. Her cooking is to die for. I am salivating at just the thought of her home cooked meals. It must be said, She might have intentions of plumping us all up. Cheers P Da! :)

The staff then all sat around socializing and talking about our day, and what we are most looking forward to this season. I can’t tell you what those things are, you’ll just have to join us to find out! We all had a nice and cozy sleep in our cabins, some of us even had private rooms, talk about luxury. The following morning, we all woke up around 7am, and followed by some coffee, and a dive briefing, we were ready for our next dive at Prem Chai wreck. There were some crazy events of this dive, as this was a final rescue assessment dive for 2 of the DMTs, Jacob and Tim. But don’t worry! We all came out of it alive and well.

Our final dive of the trip was at Khao Nayak, which is a site best suited for our open water dive students. It’s a really chilled out, easy dive, with plenty of nudi branchs, lion fish, scorpion fish, and lobster. Again, a really nice dive had by all.

After our final dive of the trip we shared a lovely lunch together and unfortunately it was time for us to return to the pier, so that we and the boat can prepare for the first trip of the season!

And that brings us up to this very moment. We are just hours away from our first trip, and are all looking forward to all the dives, laughs, and memories to be shared throughout the whole season, with you, Our guests, family and friends.

Happy Diving!!! :)

-Wicked Diving Thailand