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Shark Education in Komodo National Park
similandiver - 9/05/2013 1:23 PM
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Shark Education in Komodo National ParkShark education in Komodo is something that Wicked Diving is taking very seriously. Throughout August, on board our liveaboard boat, SY Jaya, we have been transforming our guests in SSI Shark Divers.

Through a selection of informative briefings, and the chance to dive with these creatures, guests are able to get a little closer to this fascinating species. As with our Special Manta Ray education trips and campaigning in the town, sharing our knowledge and passion for the underwater world is at the core of what we do.

In addition, we have been collecting important sightings data to contribute to Shark Savers’ Shark Count programme. Together with our guests, we have been able to contribute sightings from 60 separate dives in August. This is Citizen Science at its best!

While most avid divers, snorkelers and water babies know the threats that sharks are facing, it doesn’t harm to have a reminder and that’s certainly the feedback we get from many of our guests. We are proud to hear that the message is then spread further by guest blogs and storytelling. Especially by our guests who reside in countries where shark fishing or the consumption of shark products is rife. As with any of the major issues that this modern world faces, people power can help to make change.

-Wicked Diving Komodo