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July ....Sunny days, scuba and travelling...Panama, Kansas ?!?! Here we come!
Scubabunnycr - 7/25/2013 6:38 PM
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July ....Sunny days, scuba and travelling...Panama, Kansas ?!?! Here we come!July has been a mixture as it ever is of rainy afternoons and sunshine. We are fast approaching are "down" time part of the season. I have one more PADI Instructor course to wrap up my season starting August 9th and then I will be heading into some relax time....or so I thought!!! As it turns out, September is going to be jam packed full of traveling and teaching. I will be a traveling bunny not just a scubabunny!!! The IDC here in Costa Rica will be wrapping up with the instructor exam scheduled for the 17th and 18th August. following that I will have a week to breathe and hopefully fit in some freediving practice before heading over to sunny Panama to work on some technical diving. As yet Bocas Del Toro has not run any type of technical dive course so here we come!!! The first couple of days will be sidemount followed by a Tec 40/45 and then 50. This will also be integrated with a technical dive instructor course so LOTS of fun going on. It has been 10 years since I visited Bocas Del Toro so I am sure it has changed completely, but hopefully still as beautiful as it ever was. Those courses will be running for about 2 weeks and I am even planning to sneak in a cheeky surf session!! I hear there are a lot of fun breaks in Bocas. Costa Rica will then be calling again, but only for a couple of days as I will be heading over to Kansas. Yep, Wichita, Kansas. Now whilst I am very proud of myself for managing to visit a new place every year, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting Kansas to pop up on that list. So I am pleasantly surprised and excited that I will get to visit another part of the US. Who knows...Maybe I will actually get to visit all the different states one day (notice how I strategically didn’t say how many there it 51?!? )Kansas stop will be to run a PADI IDC, so any of you budding instructors looking to get instructor qualified during September and are in that area let me know. The more the merrier and we can have a big happy instructor party in Wichita!!!!Something super exciting towards the end of September is that I am attending a Disabled diver course. This is new ground for both myself and the dive shop. Its something we have been looking into for a while, especially with some of our retired military alum. I am like a sponge and constantly feel the need to learn more and with that, my dose for the year will be this course (along with the coding course I am trying to struggle through....THAT is another language!!!!) So all in all and jam packed couple of months to look forward to before heading back to England for a month. Yes, sunny england, cold beer and rolling hills, LOVE IT! I cross my bunny paws and promise to write a lot more especialy over the next couple of months with training and traveling. Keep up!!!