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St Andrews State Park Jetties - Redemption!
BeachBubbles - 8/04/2007 5:11 PM
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St Andrews State Park Jetties - Redemption!Dive no.: 8
Date: Aug 3 2007Location: Panama City FLDive site: St Andrews State Park JettiesWeather Condition: Partly Cloudy, 84 degWater Condition: No tides today
Visibility: Poor, 10 feetWater Temp: 84 degEntered the water at: 11:42 pm
Max Depth: 41 ftBottom Time: 51 min


St Andrews Jetties have been redeemed!

Fortunately the lack of tides on this day forgave our team for our noobie organizational skills. Visibility sucked but we were still able to get some cool pictures.

This was a milestone dive for Ben because he`s already had two failed attempts at this particular dive site.

Check these out!

When we got to the bottom, my right flipper fell off. I felt like a terrible clutz as I had a heck of a time getting it back on.

Once I secured my flipper, I glanced back towards my kids...

They`re out there somewhere....???

Visibility was poor! This was a very tense moment when I couldn`t see my kids.

Ah there`s Daniel now where`s Ben?

Over here, Mom! Look!

Ben doing his somersaults

The Entourage

There were several large schools of small fish following us everywhere we went. They probably smelled the sugarsnap peas we kept in our mesh bags.

Stinging Jellyfish

Yes we saw a few of these bad boys, but not nearly as many as the other day. Just in case, we put our faith in a new jellyfish protection sunscreen we bought at a nearby dive shop...

Wow. This stuff really works!

We still got stung a few times. You could feel it, but it wasn`t nearly as painful as it would have been.

Either a Needle or Trumpetfish swimming overhead

Black Grouper

This white anemone was everywhere


I have no idea but it`s pretty

Traveling in threes

Smooth Starlet Coral (in the Brain Coral family)

Moon Jellyfish (about 15 inches in diameter)

Moon Jellyfish in flex mode

Feather Hydroid

Delicate Sea Whip and some Blue Damsels

These little guys are everywhere. I remember having some in my fish tank notsolongago. :)

Tis I!

Hermit Crab

Some type of stingray

A wandering Sea Hare

I still had some trouble controlling my boyancy. Right after I spotted this sea hare, I bubbled right up to the surface.