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Going to FIJI!
divestop - 12/20/2009 10:52 AM
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I am pleased to tell you, I’m heading to Fiji in Jan. 2010.
Yes, I know! I can hear it now. But before you get all depressed that you’re not going. I have Great news. Our shop Dive Stop is planning a Fiji trip for 2011.
Yes, again, I know! That’s a long way off.

The purpose of my Fiji trip is to find the best accommodations and dive sites for the 2011 trip.
The plan is, to visit and dive areas that are more alive and beautiful, so when you go on the 2011 trip. You can experience all that Fiji has to offer.
I plan on blogging the trip. From start to finish. I will try to make you part of the trip. Yea I know, just a tease! But my purpose and plan is to get you excided for the 2011 trip. I will blog everyday on that days experience and tell you my thought of the accommodations and the dive sites. I will also place photos on the blog.

So!? I hope you follow along on my trip. It will be one that I have not experienced. I have been to a lot of other places. Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico just to name a few. But this will be the longest and most exciting trip I have been on so far.

My blog will be on facebook and Diveduddy.

I received my itinerary today. It looks like fun and lots of diving. Which I’m excited about. I copied it below so you could see what it will be like to get to Fiji. Remember that this is a working trip. So, you will see that classes are scheduled.
I started packing today. Trying to keep under that 50 lb. limit for my dive bag. With all my gear it’s just under 39 lbs. But that’s just the prelim pack. I’m sure it will be more. I’m trying to pack everything I can’t carry on the plane in the dive bag. It will be hard to wheel around two bags. And you have to remember that the airlines charges for the second bag. Going and coming back.
I did make a large purchase this last week, I bought a new underwater camera. Sea and Sea DX-2. I thought it would be nice to have a camera that I could take great pictures with and not having to worry about it. My other camera is a Sea and Sea 750G. I had it for a while and it has taken great pic’s. But just in the past year, the pic’s started to blur. It’s a short in the camera. One good whack and its back to normal. Just didn’t want to take it and it wouldn’t work. This new camera is sweet! Small and user friendly. It came with a soft case, strobe and cradle that attaches it all together. It will help make it easier to pack, with a soft case. The hard case is a pelican box. I figured that would be a hassle to carry. So, that’s why I’m going with the soft case. Now, I have to figure out how to pack it in my carry on. With everything else
My carry on bag that I usually use is a little small for all the stuff I want to take. Plus it will be easier for me with a backpack style. I’ll be carrying my computer (Netbook) camera case, a set of clothes, reading material, cell phone. I know it will be filled with other stuff. But that list will come with time.
I’m heading to the store to look for a larger bag. Nothing too big!

1 CO 1E 18JAN MO IAHHNL HK3 935A 200P\
2 CO 955E 18JAN MO HNLNAN HK3 655P 1240A\
3 CO 949E 24JAN SU NANGUM HK3 140A 510A\
4 CO 953E 24JAN SU GUMROR HK3 755P 855P\
5 CO 954E 01FEB MO RORGUM HK3 235A 530A\
6 CO 2E 01FEB MO GUMIAH HK3 640A 645A\



Depart home cities via Continental from various cities in the US.

We will be comprised of two groups headed to Honolulu from home.

The first group arrives at 2:00pm and the second group arrives at 2:20pm.

We’ll arrange for everyone to have a pass to Continental’s Presidents Club


Depart Honolulu at 6:55pm

Cross the International Dateline and arrive Fiji ar 12:40am Jan 20


Transfer to the wonderful Wananavu Beach Resort


Sleep until 11:00am and then have lunch before an afternoon of diving


Diving with two boat dives

Late afternoon class


Diving with two boat dives

Late afternoon class


Class 7:30am to 9:00am

Free day or optional tour

Depart the hotel at 6:00pm for a three hour drive to the airport


Depart Fiji at 12:40am & arrive Guam at 5:10am

Day room at the Guam Fiesta Hotel

Depart for the airport at 5:30pm

Depart Guam at 7:55pm and arrive Palau at 8:55pm

Transfer to the beautiful Palau Pacific Resort


Class from 8:00am to 10:00am

Free day for your activities

First night of "Restaurant Education." This is always optional for you.


Class 7:30am to 9:00am

Diving with two boat dives

Optional restaurant nite


Class 7:30am to 9:00am

Diving with two boat dives

Special - snorkel Jellyfish Lake

Optional restaurant nite


Class 7:30am to 9:00am

Diving with two boat dives

Special - snorkel Mandarin Fish Lake

Optional restaurant nite


Class 7:30am to 9:00am


Diving with two boat dives

Special - dive ChandelierCave with a 3rd tank

Dinner hosted by the Palau Pacific Resort


"Classroom on Wheels" 7:30am till noon

Luncheon courtesy of NECO Marine

Afternoon free for Spa, Beach, Dolphin Encounter or Town

Optional restaurant nite


Test starting at 8:00am

Crowning of Scholar & awarding cash prize.

Graduation & distributing of Diplomas.

Remainder of day is free

Dinner on your own

Depart for the airport at 11:30pm (Your room is yours until then)


Flight departs Palau at 2:35am and arrives Guam at 5:30am

Depart Guam at 6:40am

Arrive Honolulu Jan 31 at 5:50pm

Depart Honolulu Jan 31 at 8:00pm

Arrive in your Continental city on Feb 1 at various times that day