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Underwater Nav Specialty
georoc01 - 7/14/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Personal
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Today I hit Chatfield Resevoir to get my underwater Nav specialty. When I did my Advanced Open Water, the visibility was about 25 feet in Santa Rosa`s blue hole. When you can see all sides and have lots of refernce points, the navigation dive was fairly easy. For the 2nd two dives, I was in 20 feet of water with about 3 feet vis. You really had to rely on your compass as you couldn`t see much of anything. Objects would literally come out of nowhere. Well for my first dive, I was given three compass headings and told to go hit it. I kept missing the 2nd object by about 5 feet. It was very frustrating. For my 2nd dive, the instructor would give me a heading, and I would lead the group. This dive went really well as I hit every object on the mark. Afterwards ran into a bunch of crawdads. Tried to take some pix, still need to download them If any came out, I will add it to my blog.