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Day 5 CDTC
KevinD - 7/19/2009 6:21 AM
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Category: Educational
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Today we presented our IDC presentation. Yesterday they advise was given to try they way they suggest to teach it and if you make a mistake you still have 2 other presentations to make it up. We I tried it their way and I did not do well. The idea is to review the objective at the end of each area before you move on. Sounds good, however, when this is not the way you teach it does not work as well. See were I am going. I scored a passing score but I was not happy with my performance. I also, did not use my notes, which lead to my mistake. For those who know me I hate to read the slides word for word and I got too wrapped up reading and not talking. Good thing I have 2 more to do to redeem myself. After a presentation on project AWARE, we went to the pool to do our last confined water presentation. I had Rescue skill #8, exit an unresponsive diver from the water. I scored well, except I got caught in an evaluators circle. 2 days ago we were told we should use our DM as the victim because our rescue students are certified and do not need that much supervision. Today I got counted off for not using my DM effectively because I used him has the victim. What to do? So what is the correct answer? I will have to pole the staff to see.