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Children’s Chapter Book - "Miss L’eau"
TKatz - 8/19/2008 5:05 PM
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Children’s Chapter Book - "Miss L’eau"

Having been born in Santa Cruz, CA and never living more than 12 miles inland for years, a person becomes a product of the sea. I believe it’s an unwritten law that you have to be part of the sea, in some respect. Living that close to the ocean it’s in your bones, all that salt air and hundreds of foggy days a year.

I learned to scuba dive at 15 in the Bahamas (I do prefer diving in warmer climates than Calfornia, to be honest) and I surfed (badly - choosing to mostly lie on my board and watch otters near the lighthouse).

Later, I moved to Southern California to the sunny, bone-dry high desert but I still had saltwater running in my veins. Every chance I had, I drove my car in the direction of the nearest beach and spent as much time as I could ... but, seeing the ocean slurp up and spit back litter made me cry. I didn’t remember seeing all that trash as a young girl.

So, I wrote Miss L’eau, a tale of two boys who are forever changed after seeing the sea through the eyes of their mysterious teacher. The story was written in an effort to make kids aware of their responsibility to help our shores. If one page of Miss L’eaumakes a young reader want to investigate more about protecting and preserving the water covering nearly 75% of the earth’s surface, then a good deed was done.

If you read the book, I would your feedback and comments as I have the opportunity to do school visits and press about the books. As a community who cares about the oceans together our voice will be heard.

- T. Katz