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Day 3 & 4
KevinD - 8/12/2008 11:11 AM
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Category: Educational
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Day 3
We have been VERY busy!
Sunday: They did Confined Water Presentation 2 and the Microteaching presentation 2. All did very well. Microteaching is a form of teaching only used in the AI course and the IDC. The Candidates also prepped for the Open water presentation. We spent lots of time in the pool with them. The Staff was also told NOT to help as much as we have been. We have a few who have become VERY dependent on us for input and support. But we must cut that cord.
Day 4
Monday: Openwater Presentation. The lakeEASE uses is ….well the vis is very low but there are no gators, at least that is what they tell us. Only the CD could get a good look at them on the plat form and we had to stay in the back. They also did the rescue evaluation. It made me re-look at mine and I will teach it a little different also. In the OW a few mistakes were missed. The issue is not having a firm grasp of the 20 skills and the performance requirements. If some one wants to be an instructor they MUST know the 20 skill and how to perform them. Not at a 3 level but at demonstration quality. Then and only then can they identify problems. That is my opinion and mine alone, not PADI.
They also did a prep test for the standards, only one scored low, he passed but needs to work on looking up the information and find it in the books.

Side note: I take my chosen Hobby Profession very serious. If an instructor goes out and does something wrong it is a reflection on all of us. Not just PADI or SSI ALL. The general public does not know the difference between PADI, NAUI, SSI and so on. People look at teaching and they think well that is easy anyone can do that. I beg to differ. We make it look easy only because we have worked at it and we read and learn all the time. Okay, off the soap box!