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polarbear - 3/29/2008 10:08 PM
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hey there everyone. i just have to say that i had a hella of week at work and there is nothing that a good day of diving cant cure!!!!! me and my buddies, danny and andy the went to our local quarry and had a great day, which started out with us starting to set up for our afternoon getting our gear ready. well when one of them went to get his bc wet droped his keys in the water! ha ha lol. well it so happen that he droped them in about 110ft. of the deep end. we were only gonna do some shallow stuff today to get our numbers up for our dive master cert. well after we got done laughing our hind quarters off we now had a seach and recovery mission. ok so we drop in right were the keys droped and headed down the wall lookin for them on the edges, with no luck there which ment they were on the bottem of the quarry in the rocks. after about 10 mins we found them and headed back up. ok now comes the cool part, as we all know cars now adays have remote locks as did his. once we got out of the water we walk over to the car and try the remote and it worked. crazy huh! jeep must not only make good vehicals but indestroctive remote keys.well the rest of the day went off with out a hitch. thank god. so this is a good canidate for those mastercard priceless commcials, 5$ for breakfast, 20$ for enterance into quarry, 14$ for airfills, losing your 10k$ only set of car keys in the water, finding them at 110ft., finding out that they still work priceless.