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24 Bolinders Brygga, Stockholm, Sweden
Magdalena - 12/21/2007 4:18 AM
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Category: Educational
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20 July 1999.

Me and the club I belonged to went out to practice some navigation during a dive. I had hire gear: a semidry, 9 kilo on my belt, a medium Coltri BCD. My regulator was giving me to little air all the time. I had to take it really easy and relax. Sometime I even had to "flush" the regulator to get anought air. The sight was from 0 to 2 meters, and it was dark and absolutely nothign to see... It was to dark, and the equipment was not checked by me, so we could not navigate.

This was a bad dive, but it was a good expreience! I learned to check my equipment and not to trust a club just because I paied to hire the gear. Check youur gear at all time! Do not trust anyone!

Sorrry I do not have the correct place at the map. I will try to fins it and add it later on.