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Saguaro Lake Project AWARE Dive
RAWalker - 12/09/2007 4:38 PM
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Category: Personal
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Yesterday was the cleanup dive for Project AWARE at Saguaro lake in Arizona. The Boyscouts cancelled their dock painting but due to rain. They did however stop off at the lake to drop off donuts and milk they had bought for the event. Of course the diving wasn`t cancelled we planned on getting wet anyway! Some divers that showed up decided to do some shore cleanup instead of diving. (part of the BoyScouts project) Many divers did join the underwater cleanup and brought up aluminum cans, glass bottles, fishing poles, sunglasses, a boom box, a cellphone and other assorted trash. The fishing poles will be recycled by yours truly the rest was loaded into a garbage truck for the US Forest Service. I`m very happy to have participated in this event since this lake is the closest major lake to my home. It gives me a personal sense of satisfaction. It`s a bueatiful place that needs more of this type of work to be maintained for future generations. We as divers need to take a lead role in the upkeep of the underwater environments we dive in. Please also remember that what you do whether while diving or during your surface time may have an impact on our underwater world. Lets keep it awesome.


ScubaEdAZ - 4/23/2008 12:48 AM
Keep me in mind the next Saguaro clean up dive.