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Why I Dive
TorbenLonne - 10/10/2014 7:15 AM
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Category: Personal
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Diving makes me feel alive. I feel absolutely liberated when I plunge into the welcoming sensation of the water surrounding me. I have no boundaries and feel utterly alive.

The water being warm or cold, with my proper wetsuit on nothing can hold me back from my dive.

The bonus is that you will be fortunate to see all of the amazing marine life when you start diving, ranging from everyday familiar fish to the gigantic manta ray.

Diving is an activity that will definitely give all who try it one of the greatest experiences not only when on holiday, but also as a hobby to enjoy on a regular basis.

The feeling of flying
Being under the water scuba diving gives me the feeling of being weightless. The sensation of “flying” over a shipwreck or reef and swimming alongside schools of fish is indescribable.

No wonder NASA trains astronauts under the water, creating a feeling of zero gravity.

Divers around the world all have their reasons for the passion they feel about diving. These are just a few of my own.

How does diving make you feel? I’d love to hear your love for diving!