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Underwater theatre
Magdalena - 11/20/2007 5:05 PM
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This is an unlogged dive, but it was so special so I just have to write about it.

I had a frined once who was a theatre producer. He created an act on water, and asked me to be a stage worker. So I was supposed to be behind the stage....that means....under water.

We could not hear anything of what was happening "on" the stage, and could not communicate more than by hand signals. Still we had to make things appear on stage in the right time.
We created a solution for that, we used a clock. 22 secunds after putting up one thing, we were suppused to put up another. And so on.

This was a fun expreience, and most of all it was nice to see what you can do with diving f you want. It does not have to be anything in the sea or lake, and not a usual dive in the pool. You can actually be a worker behind the stage...