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16 Rönnskär, Stockholm, Sweden
Magdalena - 11/20/2007 4:56 PM
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2 May 1999.

This is one of the dives, a boat dive, that have given me some new expeeriences and knowledge. Haha!

Depth: 9 meters.
Sight: 0,5 meters.
Water temperature: 4 degrees.
Air temperature: 5 degrees.

this dive was done with a dry suit and way to much weights on my belt. I had 12 kilo and sank like a stone. My buddy just saw me dissapear, and I could not move fromthe bottom. I got stressed and started to feel as if my bottle would be empty. My buddy came down to help me up, he had to fill his BCD, but we were still struggling to get me up. His computer started to scream, telling him that his was breathing to hard.

After a few minutes I left the bottom and we started to dive. But I was really heavy.

We were supposed to find a wreck, and in the sight of 0,5 meters we actually saw something but still almost 10 years later I dont know what it was. We chosed to cancel the dive because of the fact that my dry suit was letting in water in huge amounts.

Conclusion: Make sure you have the right amount of weights on your belt, and that your dry suit does not let in any water. Someone gave an advice to write my slef a little note to keep with my log book. Write down what kind of suit you are diving in, what kind of water and how much weights on your belt. Then you dont have to guess every time because you dont remember. that is an exelent advice!

I am sorry, but I can not find the location of this site on the map. It is somewhere in Stockholm anyway.