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Underwater Photography Class
georoc01 - 10/28/2007 11:14 AM
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Last Saturday I took a class in underwater Photgraphy. It was taught by the owners of Island Photographers of Cozumel. Holly and Armando are amazing. They really know there stuff. We spent the first two hours learning about all of the settings of our camera and what the optimal settings for shooting pix underwater. Until now, basically what I would do is take my camera underwater and shoot as many shots as I could. If I was lucky 1 or 2 would be decent. After that we then went into the pool to shoot pictures on a simulated reef in the pool at my local dive shop. They had five stations set up with objects hanging in the water so with all the divers you did get some motion to deal with. Also had to work on hovering skills, in addition to shooting a bunch of pictures at the same object just to try different settings on the camera. What suprised me was how overexposed some of my shots looked on the LCD with my camera, yet when we put them up on the computer, they looked great! I also learned what my limitations are without a strobe. I was the one person in the class that didn`t have one. But other than that, my Sea Life Reefmaster Mini from Scubatoys held up well. I like the idea of having a camera that I can put in pocket of my BC and then shoot something cool if I see it. This camera seems to do that well, but a strobe purchase will probably be in my future as well. Really looking forward to my next dive trip to try this out further!