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Any Staten Island Area Divers??
Tony7781 - 3/10/2009 1:46 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Hey Im new to this site and new to diving as well. I am actively looking for people in my area to make friends with and start diving together. I would also like to join a dive club in my area. If anyone knows of any please advise, also if you are in my area please drop me a line!!


Jen-Michael - 3/10/2009 4:20 PM
Suffolk County (Long Island). Not Staten but in the general area.
scubaclay - 3/10/2009 6:17 PM
How about Jersey or PA???
Tony7781 - 3/10/2009 6:41 PM
Yes that would work. Is there good diving in NJ or PA?
Tony7781 - 3/10/2009 6:42 PM

Do you also dive in LI?
Indiana - 3/10/2009 6:55 PM
 Dutch Springs is in Pa.Great place to work on your skills.It is up in Allentown.
Jen-Michael - 3/10/2009 11:24 PM
From Tony7781:

Do you also dive in LI?

Yes I do. What kind of dives are you interested in learning about? Wrecks? Beaches?
Tony7781 - 3/11/2009 9:50 AM

Yes I do. What kind of dives are you interested in learning about? Wrecks? Beaches?
[end quote]


I am really looking forward to getting involved in wrecks. Just seems amazing to me. I am also interested in gaining experience with beach diving and also underwater photography
Jen-Michael - 3/11/2009 11:44 PM
You should consider getting your Advanced Open Water before diving wrecks because most of the boat captains don’t require it but would prefer it. And since they’re not responsible for finding you a buddy, you probably want to go to you LDS, make small talk, and see if you can tag along with people, especially since this is the better way to learn about some of the more interesting features of certain wrecks.

Beach diving and photography are two things I know less about (I mostly dive wrecks). But Captain Dan Berg’s Site (, and have a very large lists and descriptions of beaches. My main advice is check the tides the day before, and right before you plan on leaving the house, and pay close attention to your watch while you’re in the water, in some places if the tide changes and you don’t expect it you’re S.O.L.

As far as photography work on your bouyancy and breathing before you really consider it, and plan ahead; learn the spots you plan on shooting ahead of time, so you don’t unnecessarily bring a camera to a spot that wasn’t worth bring it to in the first place. It’s an expensive waste of time, and an annoying piece of equipment to deal with in bad viz, and current if you can’t control those two things well enough to get a good shot.
CJM - 3/16/2009 7:28 PM
Hi All, NY Diver here. I dive NJ, PA (Dutch Springs) and always on vacations. Have AOW and always looking for people to dive with. 
LatitudeAdjustment - 3/19/2009 2:02 PM

There are plenty of dive clubs and diving in NJ, it’s the same ocean as Staten Island :)

Divers Anonymous is in Clifton and does boat and beach dives. I do some of their beach dives. Farther south in NJ is Ocean Wreck divers

There was a beach diving club based at Divers Two in Avon but I don’t know if they are still active.

OceanBlue is a singles meet up group from NY that sometimes has meetings on SI but they are mainly a travel group however there maybe some cold water divers among them.