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Do you need your local dive shop?
Greg - 7/21/2008 3:21 PM
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Hello dive buddy members,

I recently sent out a post card to over 1200 dive centers across the United States introducing them to

Do you need your local dive shop? I believe the answer to that question is a loud YES! They provide us with training, gear, rental equipment, air fills, maintenance and travel advice. Most of them are owned by individuals or families in your neighborhood.

As the owner of, I ask you to stop by your local dive shop THIS WEEKEND just to say HI! Ask them questions, honestly tell them what you think about their business and maybe give suggestions on what you’d like to see them do differently OR better. Tell them about and encourage them to grow their business by participating in our social network. We can all use to stay in touch, share ideas and experiences and plan future dive trips.

The post card I sent will hit their doors this stop by your local dive shop this weekend and tell them you appreciate their service to the local dive community in your area. Together we can build a wonderful network of dive buddies all around the globe.

Now get off the computer and go diving!


Greg Davis
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RigHunter - 7/21/2008 6:27 PM

Amen! Good job and very well said.
ReefHound - 7/21/2008 8:46 PM
I think all of us divers benefit from local dive shops but the local dive shop does not hold a monopoly over the local diving scene as it once used to, There are now many alternatives to divers especially for gear, travel, buddies, and advice. This forum serves as one example. I will work with and for my local shop but I will not pimp for them. I consider myself an advocate for divers not dive shops.
seawolfdiving - 7/21/2008 9:00 PM

I love my local dive shop. They treat me well and have great service and great deals. They are very active with offering dive specialty classes and with dive trips, and travel.

This dive shop also arranges charity dive activities several times throughout the year which I participate in.

I support my local dive shop 110%. Without them, getting and especially maintaining my dive gear would be a real pain.

Besides, I still have not figured out how to get that darn Internet Air Fill (AIF) application to work. Untill I figure that one out I guess I sort of need the local dive shop.

HurlyDiver - 7/21/2008 11:55 PM

As a former shop owner, I can’t begin to tell you how bad the local shop needs US to need them! To me a dive shop is not like a store in the mall where you go in get what you need slap down your credit card and out the door you go. LDS’s are a gathering place to make new friends and have fun! Its a place to tell stories and learn for old time divers and newbies that are making new era mistakes and living to tell about it. Dive shop’s are typically run by very low paid and hard working people. There is so much behind the scene work that most people never know about.

I dont mind paying a little more that I would online knowing that its going into the pocket of my local merchant putting food on their table. When I need something in a pinch....where can I get it same day???Where else...the LDS.....if they go under....we all loose ....

Like Greg said, go in...introduce yourself....go tell a story....go buy a book to continue your education...even if its a magazine...after all....EDUCATION IS POWER !!


-Gary Hurlbut

 PADI M.S.D.T 85170
Astros5 - 7/22/2008 8:01 AM

If it wasn’t for one particular Dive shop I would not have gotten certified as soon as I did. They are wonderful people and honest. I ONLY buy from one shop and refuse to buy on line or anyother shop. I have done my homework in my area and they by far are the best. Support your LDS! Travis P.
JollyRoger - 7/22/2008 2:54 PM
No local Dive Shop in my area, I have to drive 30-45 min one way with traffic to get tanks filled and at 4 bucks a gallon I wouldnt consider that local. I use to love the shop that was here in town and supported them with my business, they were great people. They’ve retired a few years ago and closed the shop. Since then I’ve managed to do just fine without one locally. Any major repairs on equipment usually costs enough to justify buying a new replacement anyway and minor repairs I do myself. If it wasnt for tank inspections and fills I probably wouldnt drive or do business with one at all due to the distance. I usually get my fills and inspections done at the scuba parks when possible. If a Dive shop opened in my area that was NOT OVERPRICED with a good staff I’d be happy to support it, till then its the internet shopping and friend making here at DiveBuddy!
georoc01 - 7/22/2008 4:15 PM
Unfortunately I will be doing my 100th dive in Cozumel this weekend or I would be glad to. My LDS, A1 Scuba in Englewood, CO, has been a great place for training, travel, maintenance and rentals. The owners and staff have been fantastic.
SKEETER - 7/23/2008 12:40 PM
YES I do a lot of bisnus at my LDS. I get gas there too. I can fell a tank for $8 with Geser Gas. At the BP it is $60 for a geser to get gas. At the Pub it cost as much to get gased as at the BP.
Scout - 7/24/2008 12:34 PM
Imagine if each of the 1200 LDSs had ten walk-ins on Saturday, July 26. I can do the two in my area, and I’ll get them set up.