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DiveGirl55 - 4/15/2009 4:57 PM
Category: Survey
Replies: 116

You really wanted to dive that day, but suddenly a storm front moved in over your dive site: THUNDER and LIGHTENING and all of mother nature’s wrath.... WHAT DO YOU DO?
ELLOCODIABLO - 7/10/2016 12:34 PM
[Choose #1] Live in Fl. give it 15 min the weather will change. if not have dove many times in a storm. just leave my rig in the water til it passes.
Smithsgold - 5/30/2016 3:47 PM
[Choose #5] done it in Cozumel before, went down clear came up to a storm !!!
Eric_R - 8/08/2014 8:46 PM
[Choose #2] Canceling seems to be the best for what your describing. I have been in the water when a freak isolated storm popped up. This was back before smart phones.
CanuckDiver - 9/18/2009 9:26 PM
[Choose #2] Considering that most of the 5000 shipwrecks in the Great Lakes where lost due to storms it is not the most brillant idea to be out in a boat, let alone be diving.
hoofpick - 9/16/2009 10:33 PM
[Choose #2] No thanks I have seen whber at lightening does to water. Remember basic physics, when mixed water and electricity is not good for the human body.
knightddiver - 9/16/2009 5:32 PM
[Choose #2] more than likely would also wait to see if storm passed before hitting the brewskis
finleyinstall - 9/15/2009 8:21 AM
[Choose #1] Beautiful light show at a night dive, be safe stay at 30’ and watch
RonSubmerged - 9/15/2009 8:08 AM
[Choose #1] I would stay under until it passed! haha
flaski - 9/12/2009 3:33 PM
[Choose #2] I have survived 3 strikes limit, 2 times this year fast moving storm caught us off guard earlier this year, one last saturday moved over us while underwater, it was stricking water above us. I have to admit I was scared.
AquaCop - 9/12/2009 8:20 AM
[Choose #3] Dove between storms at the Flower Gardens with 15ft swells
dalehall - 9/12/2009 7:52 AM
[Choose #2] Been slammed around a few too many times in rough seas. I’d rather have a beer.
scubacozumel - 9/11/2009 11:26 PM
[Choose #1] done it in Cozumel before.
tardmaster - 9/11/2009 11:13 PM
[Choose #1] only if there was no lightning
Crazytaz - 9/11/2009 10:04 PM
[Choose #1] i dived when it was raining on my dry tortugas dive trip. but it was not lightning
seawolfdiving - 9/11/2009 8:04 PM
[Choose #2] Hummm, let’s see now. Wet conditions, wide open water surface, wearing a big metal tank... I think I’ll go for brewskis!
DiveRex - 8/31/2009 5:35 PM
[Choose #2] Storms blow in quick on the Great Lakes. No since in losing a boat to mother nature. Then again, it would be a fresh wreck dive!
MouthBreather - 7/08/2009 9:20 PM
[Choose #2] Metal tank on back=lightening rod on open flat body of water. Stay off the golf course too!
DalelynnSims - 6/02/2009 6:27 AM
[Choose #4] If in the water already continue the dive but exit quickly when it is time. if not already down let it pass and dive another day.
ScubaTeve - 5/14/2009 2:21 PM
[Choose #2] Hopefully any dive transportation is grounded. If exposed (skiff for example) you may be at serious risk. Also, floating in the water wtih a metal tank you are the highest point to conduct the energy (strike). Know your plan and check the weather
ScubaMoose42 - 5/10/2009 6:02 PM
[Choose #5] On land wait it out, on a boat run from the storm.
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/30/2009 9:12 AM
[Choose #2] I have surfaced in an unexpected T-storm and know a boat captain in Deerfield FL who got hit but I wouldn’t enter the water if a storm was expected.
Pixel - 4/29/2009 8:32 AM
[Choose #2] Skip to the after dive part of drinking beer!!
tshark - 4/20/2009 6:12 PM
[Choose #5] If I am already out it is safer under water than sitting in the boat till the storm passes unless a lot of wind & then the boat would not be safe. case by case but I do dive durring storms
scubadad - 4/20/2009 10:27 AM
[Choose #5] I run for cover. I hate lightning
Tsmith0711 - 4/19/2009 7:47 AM
[Choose #5] If I would be in the Caribbean I would dive. Their lightning is not ’killer’. If in the states, I would not dive at all. Too dangerous
rxatrix - 4/18/2009 9:59 PM
[Choose #1] Dived the eye of 2 hurricanes
MonkeyDiver - 4/18/2009 9:49 PM
[Choose #2] Are you kidding. You not only shouldn’t be diving, if you are in a boat you should get the heck off the water.
Greg - 4/18/2009 1:52 PM
[Choose #1] as long as it’s not lightning nearby.
Jen-Michael - 4/17/2009 10:04 AM
[Choose #3] I’ve dove with a storm rolling in thought we’d get out in time came up to chaos. You could hear the strikes underwater.
scubaTim50 - 4/17/2009 7:36 AM
[Choose #4] Probably do what ever the dive master suggests..
Plang - 4/17/2009 6:49 AM
[Choose #5] I live in FL and surfaced with thunder and lightning, not fun
DiveBuddyChgo - 4/16/2009 10:09 PM
[Choose #1] Its more fun on a nite dive and watch everything light up..
Catman - 4/16/2009 8:12 PM
[Choose #1] Don’t know what the weather is doing when i’m on the bottom of the lake
MDW - 4/16/2009 9:47 AM
[Choose #5] Wait on shore. (BTW, If already under water when starm begins, I extend the dive and wait for it to stop before surfacing. If it does not stop and I get low on air, I exit very quickly.)
divemaiden - 4/16/2009 6:21 AM
[Choose #2] Cancel dive UNLESS it’s only passing thru, then wait it out.
TColJeep - 4/15/2009 7:35 PM
[Choose #1] Watched the lightning from 30 ft on a night dive. Great light show
Indiana - 4/15/2009 6:55 PM
[Choose #2] There will be another day
Coho - 4/15/2009 6:41 PM
[Choose #5] I’d imagine UW would be safer than small boat (while air lasts), but I should learn about UW & lightning before I need to know. Thanks for making me think about this!