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Legends Event
charstew - 8/04/2009 11:26 PM
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We are ready to go with the International Legends Event at Portage Quarry this weekend. I don’t have a Dive Buddy Banner but we do have a club banner. Our web site needs some work still but that will come. I want to see divers at this event at and all of them in club 211. Please help us get the word out. You guys call me this week at 304-532-2935 and when we get there on Friday please call so we can all meet up. Greg the site owner wants a banner on the dock at next years Gilboa World record attempt so we need to get a banner and talk to Mike at Gilboa to make it happen. I have 500 divebuddy cards and I hope I hand them all out at this event and we get 500 new buddies. Summer is ending so at least for me quarry diving is done. I hate cold water but I will suck it up as long as possible. Bring 7mm suits to this event if you can.


Bill Stewart


Greg - 8/08/2009 10:04 AM
Hey Bill, I hope you have a great time at the event. I’ve spoken to those guys that are hosting the event and have done some advertising for them on they should know us :) It’s awesome that you’re going to had out cards about Please take some pics and post on DiveBuddy when you return. Let the event guys know that you may write a blog about them when you return or something...maybe they’ll give you some special treatment!


Greg Davis
RonSubmerged - 8/05/2009 10:11 PM
doesnt look like I will be able to make the event, though I want to more than anything. I had a banner made up last month, a 1ft by 6 ft banner from the high res image Greg emailed me and I insist you take it with you for this event in my absence. If you want I can get with Hobie in the next day or so and give it to him, as long as I get it back :)
If anyone else in the club is interested, I know of a decent online company that will make banners up for less than 30.00.