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Gilboa World Record 2010! and Contest
charstew - 7/21/2009 5:00 PM
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Gilboa World Record 2010! and ContestOn Saturday July 18, divers from all over the country came together at Gilboa Quarry in Ohio to set a new world record, only to fall short. In 1996 a diving record was set off the coast of India, in the Indian ocean. the record was 978 divers submerged at the same time in the same area. (from Hobies Blog)

I want to see all of my buddies there next year!

1st Prize

West Virginia Scuba Divers Club will pay the sign-up fees for the person who recruits the most divers to join West Virginia Scuba Divers Club.

If you are interested let me know because certain restrictions apply.
1. The club members must be from West Virginia, Ohio or Kentucky. (We want people close enough to come diving with us!)

2. The person that gets these members to come to our club must go to the Next years event, of course..

3. This prize is only for this event and will have no cash value.

4. While it does have value of 50 dollars cash will not be given. The whole idea is to get divers to the Gilboa Quarry event next year.

5. When I see you at the event I will also award you with gift valued at $50.00 if you are the winner.

2nd Prize

The person that recruits the most new members to from any where and gets them to become a member of our club will get a one year membership paid by the club. This means that is you upgrade to life from there it will only cost you 50 bucks!

certain restrictions apply.

All new members will be verified be sure to send me the member ID so that I can verify.

Cash will not be awarded

Deadline August 31st so hurry!