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Gilboa-World Record event
Hobie - 7/20/2009 11:31 PM
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Gilboa-World Record event

On Saturday July 18, divers from all over the country came together at Gilboa Quarry in Ohio to set a new world record, only to fall short. In 1996 a diving record was set off the coast of India, in the Indian ocean. The record was 978 divers submerged at the same time in the same area. Over a year ago, Mike and Judy Williams, owners of the Gilboa quarry took on the challenge of trying to break the record. They would of succeeded had some of the people who registered, and paid showed up. The final result was 800 divers submerged. The event was spectacular to say the least. They managed to get 800 divers in the water, submerged to twenty feet for twenty minutes, and back out in one and a half hours. On a brighter note, We may of set a new world record. The previous record was set in warm salt water, far from what we were in. It might be the new record in fresh, cold water. Only The Guinness Book of World Records can tell us after they review all the data. It was a great weekend, with a lot of fun activities. The Quarry has its own camping area, So we just camped the whole weekend. The owners left it up to the divers if they wanted to take a run at the record again. Every diver there wanted another shot at it. So on July 17, 2010 we are going to bring the world record here to the United States. We need help from all the divers out there. Not only do we want to break the record, we want to shatter it. Lets get so many divers in the water that people don’t even want to try to break it. Lets leave the record here in the U.S.A. The event is only fifty dollars, and believe me, you’ll be glad you spent it. The Quarry is already planning next years event, and two hundred of us have already preregistered and paid our money for the event. You can google Gilboa Quarry if you would like to get more information.


charstew - 7/21/2009 4:02 PM
I want to see all of my buddies there next year.
West Virginia Scuba Divers Club will pay the signup fees for the person who recruits the most divers to join West Virginia Scuba Divers Club. If you are interested let me know because certain restrictions apply.
1. The club members must be from West Virginia, Ohio or Kentucky.
2. The person that gets these members to come to our club must go to the Next years event, of course..
3. This prize is only for this event and will have no cash value.
4. While it does have value of 50 dollars cash will not be given. The whole idea is to get divers to the Gilboa event next year.
4. Other restrictions apply so contact me and I will provide you with the criteria.
5. When I see you at the event I will also award you with gift.
ScubaDubaDo - 7/21/2009 7:41 AM
I may have to do a cross country trip to go back to Gilboa for next year’s event. I got my Open Water and AOW Certs there...sounds like a blast...