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Aaron from San Francisco CA | Scuba Diver

I’m an intermediate, self-sufficient diver who dives almost solely in Monterey, California. As of this writing, I have logged 85 dives in and around the Monterey Bay and Northern Channel Islands. I dive as much as possible. After hitting my 100th dive, my long-term goal is to obtain a Self Reliant Diver certification through PADI. I enjoy diving with others, but I want to be able to rely on myself, as well. I think this will make me a better buddy and a better diver.

I wear an Aqualung Sola FX wetsuit, Knight Hawk BCD with Air2, and use rented steel 80 or 100 tanks. On a steel 80 at 30-50 feet, I can usually go 45 mins to 1 hour. I do not carry camera equipment, and rely on a dive slate to take notes on wildlife. I believe in being minimally invasive with my reef explorations and am constantly working on finning techniques to minimize kicking up silt.


Monterey: Beachhopper 2, Sanctuary: Aumentos Reef, Hopkins Deep, Aquarium Reef (intake pipe), Breakwater, San Carlos Middle Reef, Monastery Beach North, Metridium Fields, Metridium Mountain, Cloud Mountain, Slate Beds, McAbee Pinnacle, Chase Reef (Outpost), Octopus Reef, Hopkins Reef.

North Coast: Fort Ross

Carmel: Point Lobos (Whaler’s Cover, Middle Reef Structure)

Channel Islands: Anacapa Island (Spectre).


monkeyboy - 2/19/2020 12:35 PM
hey Aaron, looking to get back in the water, let me know if you would like to dive soon, possible date are
3/7, 3/ 14 3/28, let me know if you can make those dates or any other dater you have, Ron.
monkeyboy - 10/01/2019 12:43 PM
Hey Aaron, That would be great, I am at work today, a long day, I can not access dive reservations from work, if you want to book, I will treat the day (dive fee and parking) and I will try to book a rv site if you are interested in car camping, let me know, RE.
monkeyboy - 9/30/2019 11:39 PM
hey aaron, I posted some days I an open to dive, let me know if you are interested, had a nice day at lobos on sunday, take care, Ron.
SLOMike - 1/25/2019 4:44 PM
Sorry, I missed your post from last month, but yes, I would be interested in diving in the Monterey area. I’ve been trying to get into the water most of January, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating when I have been free to dive. Shoot me a message or text if there is a date or time you want to get out. I can dive most weekends and I can get there in about 2.5 hrs.
tweedledee - 1/25/2019 6:07 PM
I sent you a text. If you are free next weekend (Feb 2), we could plan to do breakwater. Let me know. I’m very flexible.
tweedledee - 1/13/2020 2:41 PM
He SlowMike. I ended up taking your advice and going out on the Spectre last summer (back when could sleep on board the night before). Anyway, if you are still up for a Pt. Lobos dive one of these days, let me know.