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Underwater Camera
Christina - 2/27/2009 2:06 AM
Category: Photography
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I bought a Sealife camera 6 months ago and used used it on 3 separate dive trips. All them the photos were deleted somehow on the camera. I’m going to try to send it back.

I’d like recommendations on which ones any of you have rented or purchased that are great?

Thanks, Christina
DalelynnSims - 2/27/2009 6:14 AM

I have had a number of Sealife systems and we use them in our rental line. If you are saving the photos to a card you may check the card prior to sending it back. If it does require return I think that Sealife will be glad to repair or replace and get you back underwater with one that is correct. Call them they are great to work with or better if you purchased this at your LDS then stop in and have one of their instructors check it out. May be something simple.

Hope this helps!
Plang - 2/27/2009 6:29 PM
I have a Reefmaster Mini and had similar issues with losing pictures. I called SeaLife and I had a brand new camera in three weeks time; my old one was going on 10 months. I have not had any issues with the new one. The reason I bought the mini is I can stick it in my BCD pocket; I just love it for that reason.

Some advice though; make sure you have brand new batteries before each dive, my camera goes through them like candy. One thing also, make sure your using a high amperage battery; 2100 mAh rechargables work best and saves $$$. Second, only use a 1gig SD memory card. I tried 2 gig SD memory cards but the camera did not like it. I can get about 256 high mega pixel photos on a 1 gig card, if your shooting more than that on your dives your really missing all the good stuff. ;-}
Magdalena - 2/28/2009 7:59 AM

Canon PowerShot A720 IS

Great camera! Look at my phptpes to see it quality preformance!

uwlover4u - 2/28/2009 8:09 AM
I agree with Maggie. I also have a Canon Powershot which you can use for everyday pics. But it really becomes fun when you get the underwater housing for it. My Canon even takes video. Denis
BgDmbRngr - 2/28/2009 2:43 PM
I actually use intova’s. they are not expensive and I have had some pretty decent photo’s and videos out of them. the new 8mp has an adjustable shutter speed and other abilities that make it really nice as well.
SCUBASMITTY - 2/28/2009 4:08 PM
HAS ANYONE used the bonica hd-dvd ? I hear they are good to go , 

I was thinking of getting one, BUT I want to hear what others THINK !
scubaclay - 3/01/2009 4:10 PM
I love my Intova 6mp camera. I took it to Bonaire last summer and royallu abused it. Still I got some great picts. Now I have the Intova strobe for it, can’t wait for dive seacon.
hoofpick - 3/01/2009 6:26 PM
I have used Canon’s, a couple of different Sea Life’s, JVC’s and Nikon’s. I am currently using Nikon’s P5100, which is a 12.1 mega pixel camera, with a Fanta Sea P5000 housing, tray and slave flash. This is a Great setup and takes really good pictures. It is an advanced point and shoot, which gives you lots of shooting options along with a compact size for ease of handling. Hope this is helpfull to you.
JollyRoger - 3/04/2009 9:18 PM

I have a ReefMaster Mini w/ a strobe. It’s small and easy to use and it takes great pictures even though I cant. I have been using Lexar 2GB memory cards in it with no issues at all. I cant tell you how much I love this camera... So I’ll let this picture speak for it’s self...........
AirOn - 3/05/2009 10:47 PM

I have the Sealife DC800. Its been a very reliable camera, its been on dives and traveled with me on Site Surveys (pictures of buildings and what not). I baught it when the dc800 was firt released.

If your using a memory card or even just the camera internal memory,treat it like any electronic media and archive them to a CD or something if you want to keep them.

I would suspect that someone was playing with the camera and did a delete all before assuming the memory completly wiped by itself?

The Manuf seem to be pretty responsive, they have a section on that you can communicate with one of the reps though to see if they can try to recover the files for you?