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Beginner underwater camera
diverray - 8/22/2010 12:56 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 5

I am interested in trying underwater photography. I am strictly an amateur. Anyone have any thoughs about the Sea Life camera/ strobe combo? I have a reasonable digital camera now (Canon sx 120 is), but it looks like it would cost the same or more to get a housing and strobe setup for it. Any advice welcome.
BgDmbRngr - 8/22/2010 5:56 PM
I started out with an Intova camera. I think the 10MP and 12 MP cameras all have adjustable shutter speeds and various settings. The housing is included with the camera as well. Runs about 200-250 for the 12MP. Try looking into some of the older forums as well, we have discussed this several times in the past.
m_grieco - 8/22/2010 11:27 PM
I use a sealife camera...all my pictures were taken with the DC600, wide angle lens, single pro-digital flash (with diffuser). I have since upgraded to the DC1000 and have two strobes on my set-up...I just have yet to dive with it so I can’t say anything about it. The DC 600 worked great though and as a company the customer service is great.
seawolfdiving - 8/27/2010 10:35 PM
I like the Sea Life DC1000 with external strobe.
jnowak100 - 9/02/2010 5:20 PM
I bought a SeaLife Reefmaster mini 320, with 2 strobes on Ebay, for $285! works great, very easy to operate underwater, both with and without strobes. If you are just starting, I would recommend something inexpensive until you find you like it, and acquire reasonable skill, as a new Sealife top of the line with strobes can push $1000, and the extra equipment can be awkward when diving. You can spend so much time trying to take pictures that you forget to enjoy the dive. Also if you do a lot of dive travel, you may want something that is not a small fortune in case you lose it.
AOW_dude - 9/08/2010 11:14 PM
I shoot an older SeaLife and it’s not bad, the price was definitely right. I am yet to shell out for the strobes. But whatever you do, get the wide angle lens for it, you won’t regret it. I don’t dive without my wide angle.