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New to Underwater Photography
houtxboy - 2/15/2009 2:37 AM
Category: Photography
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Ok, I’m new diving and underwater photography. I’m looking to buy a camera and housing for my trip in May to Roatan. I have been looking at the Olympus FE-360...mainly because I just bought all of my dive equipment and don’t have a fortune to spend on a camera and housing. I want something to get started with (that won’t break the bank) and then move up when I feel I have learned enought to move on.

Anyone have any ideas? Would the Olympus be a good bet to get started with? I would appreciate any feedback I can get.


Bill (houtxboy)
scubaman - 2/15/2009 6:14 AM
I was in the same place you are last year. I had a freind that had a Cannon SD1000 that you could get a housing for WP-DC13, It’s good to 130 feet. I’ve had it for a year and am very happy with it. It will take digitial stills as well as movies.
DiveBuddyChgo - 2/15/2009 1:05 PM
If you are diving with AKR in Roatan.. Let them do all the filming of your dives.. I have 4 of my dives on DVD that they produced and edited..The DVD’s are not copy protected so you can make copies to pass on to your club, family etc.. While you are enjoying your dive and whats swimming around you.. They are doing all the work with a $5,000 pc. of equip... Also you won’t have to deal with equipment handling, repair and maybe monthly payments.. Been there and done that you can say... Mike
hoofpick - 2/15/2009 3:14 PM

Hi Bill, I use a Nikon P5100 in a Fantasea FP5000 Housing with a single tray and arm with the slave flash strobe. The Nikon runs about $300 and the FP5000 Fantasea Housing is roughly the same. The tray arm and flash strobe about $200 more, these are optional and you really don’t need them right away. The Nikon P5100 has an auto flash built in. It is what is called an advanced point and shoot, meaning you can also shoot manual, aperture and shutter priorities. So all in all you can outfit yourself for under a $1000 for the whole setup. The Nikon P5100 can be a bit hard to get as not all dealers carry this camera and may take a little hunting to find one. Hope this helps you.

houtxboy - 2/15/2009 7:51 PM

Thanks for the advice. I am going to Coco View. The only video that my dive buddies have told me about is when we go on the shark dive. But, I also want some still photos for my collection. I am one of those that if I see something I want a pic of, I want to be able to take it. I also don’t have too $$ after paying for the trip, all of my equipment, and the extra $$ I will need on the trip. I have found the Olympus and housing for around $225. They had a brief article in Sport Diver mag in the last issue. But it didn’t show too many photos that had been taken with it. I was just wondering if anyone out there has used it or knows someone that has. I was also looking at the Olympus SP 550 with housing. I have a buddy that bought one for his wife for this trip coming up, but hasn’t used it yet. That one is a little more pricey. Again, thanks for the info, and keep it coming if you got it.

Bill (houtxboy)
RAWalker - 2/16/2009 2:09 AM

Take a look at the Fuji F50fd it’s a high end performing P&S at a budget price. It can be found for $150 or less and the Fuji housing for it is about the same price.

It’s one drawback is the lack of RAW file storage but for an entry level photographer it is highly unlikely to be missed. The rest of this cameras spec and features are all top notch. This camera takes great pictures and is quite capable.