houtxboy - 2/15/2009 7:51 PM

Thanks for the advice. I am going to Coco View. The only video that my dive buddies have told me about is when we go on the shark dive. But, I also want some still photos for my collection. I am one of those that if I see something I want a pic of, I want to be able to take it. I also don’t have too $$ after paying for the trip, all of my equipment, and the extra $$ I will need on the trip. I have found the Olympus and housing for around $225. They had a brief article in Sport Diver mag in the last issue. But it didn’t show too many photos that had been taken with it. I was just wondering if anyone out there has used it or knows someone that has. I was also looking at the Olympus SP 550 with housing. I have a buddy that bought one for his wife for this trip coming up, but hasn’t used it yet. That one is a little more pricey. Again, thanks for the info, and keep it coming if you got it.

Bill (houtxboy)