hoofpick - 2/15/2009 3:14 PM

Hi Bill, I use a Nikon P5100 in a Fantasea FP5000 Housing with a single tray and arm with the slave flash strobe. The Nikon runs about $300 and the FP5000 Fantasea Housing is roughly the same. The tray arm and flash strobe about $200 more, these are optional and you really don’t need them right away. The Nikon P5100 has an auto flash built in. It is what is called an advanced point and shoot, meaning you can also shoot manual, aperture and shutter priorities. So all in all you can outfit yourself for under a $1000 for the whole setup. The Nikon P5100 can be a bit hard to get as not all dealers carry this camera and may take a little hunting to find one. Hope this helps you.