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Added ability to rate photos.
Greg - 1/06/2009 3:48 PM
Category: Web Site Help
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Now you can rate the photos on from 1 (not so good) to 5 (very good) stars. The stars will fill in according to the average rating. For example, if a photo has an average of 2.6 stars, it will show 2 stars filled in and 3 blank. It won’t show 3 stars filled in unless you have a rating of 3 or greater.

When you hover over the stars, it will show a more accurate rating value along with the total ratings received. For example: " 2.66 stars (12) " means the photo has an average rating of 2.66 and 12 members have rated the photo.

To submit your rating for a photo, you must be logged in. When viewing a photo, you’ll see a drop down called "Select your rating:" next to the stars. Choose your rating carefully because it submits as soon as you change the drop down box. If you don’t see the drop down box to rate the’s either because you’re not logged in, you’ve already submitted your rating for that photo, or you’re trying to rate your own photo...which is not allowed.

Soon I will add the ability to filter the photo list based on ratings. Enjoy this new feature and please report any issues to me.
Greg - 1/07/2009 10:07 AM
I’m going to change it in a bit so filled in stars only show up when the photo is rated. The clear stars won’t show at all. Some members found the filled and clear stars a bit confusing.