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Oceanic parts problem
FtMyersTom - 5/29/2018 12:15 PM
Category: Equipment
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I posted a msg before about Oceanic problems since they were bought buy Huish Outdoors in 2017. But I have just gone to Amazon to find a O-ring kit for my VEO 3.0. You can get the battery anywhere but the O-ring seems to be somewhat a special made O-ring that isn’t readily available like most O-rings for anything else that requires them.

I know I just bought the Oceanic BUD but it’s cost and use as backup to 3.0 fit my diving life since my VEO 180NX combo went bad and I had the 3.0 wrist used as back up to the 180NX. I’m older now with lots of orthopedic problems and I don’t want to invest thousands of dollars on new equipment. I tried for 3 months last year to exchanged my 180NX through my LDS and direct contact with Oceanic and they and I gave up.

BUT NOW I had a hard time finding even the O-ring kit and my LDS said they stopped dealing with Oceanic because it takes a very long time to get parts ordered or not at all. Even Divers Direct doesn’t list VEO O-ring kit on there web page and after asking my LDS shop about it they said they were just at the headquarters of DD in Ft Lauderdale and they stopped all parts ordering with Oceanic/Huish.

So unfortunately my advice, even though I always liked and recommended Oceanic products, is I would NOT buy anything from Oceanic/Huish. It’s a shame but that is the way it goes in the world of business now. Good one day then something changes and down the crapper it goes!

This was just thought to be a change over thing but it’s been too long and seems to be systemic now. If you are having the same troubles with this check Amazon. I just ordered the O-ring battery kit minus the silicone I already have for $8.49 as compared to $23 on Oceanic website that includes the small tube of silicone and you will never get it. Amazon guaranteed delivery by June 8th.
KarlKnows - 5/29/2018 10:35 PM
Thanks for the information. I very appreciate it
FtMyersTom - 6/01/2018 7:17 AM
As a follow up I ordered the kit and it did come with some silicone and Amazon said delivery June 4th to 6th. I ordered it on 5-29 at 11am and it was here 5-31 by 4pm...installed by 5pm. However it was sold by Shritas web deals here in Florida. Amazon has it going on, no wonder retail stores are going down.
DanSinks - 2/22/2019 12:30 PM
I sent an email to Oceanic/Huish customer support in January asking about changing the battery in my Oceanic Veo 3.0, after a week then never answered. So I called then local dive shop outside of Boston that had Oceanic on their web site, it was EastCoast Divers, he said they stopped stocking Oceanic because of lack of support, but he went on to say they things are improving and Huish is catching up with things so he expects the 2019 season to be better and his shop will probably stock more Oceanic products in the near future.