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What is your FAVORITE piece of gear/equipment that you own?
DiveGirl55 - 7/08/2008 4:56 PM
Category: General
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What is your favorite piece of equipment or piece of gear you own?

Me: I love my MARES Limited Edition (23/2000) Metal Tech Regulator. The condensation collects in the metal and moisturizes, so I NEVER have dry mouth etc.

How about you?

Greg - 7/08/2008 5:01 PM
I love my blunt tip titanium dive knife. I just look so cool with it strapped to my leg. Plus I can carve lots of stuff into wodden wrecks or sand stone. I’ve also had this mask for like 6 years and it looks like crap but it works great and I don’t want to give it up (not sure what brand it was).
RigHunter - 7/08/2008 5:58 PM
By far my mask. The dive shop I teach at gives us a complete set of gear each year. I refuse to stop using my old mask. It’s like a good worn out baseball glove or old torn hat. When it fits, it just fits and thats hard to get rid of. I’ve got an old Dacor Darwin computer that I just can’t seem to shake either? It goes on every open water dive with me. Just feel naked with out it.
seawolfdiving - 7/08/2008 6:17 PM
My favorite piece of gear that I try to take along on “almost” every dive would have to be my brain. Yes, although it’s been beaten and abused and has lots of miles on it, I’ve grown quite fond of that old thing.

There were a few times when I thought I had misplaced it. But eventually it always popped up when I least expected it. I even tried to get rid of the worn out old thing once, but somehow it found its way back to me.

So, even though it’s a little worn around the edges, and doesn’t “always” work the way it should, I guess I’ll keep diving with it. At least till I find a better one….

Other than this, I kind of like that old pair of Jet Fins I bought back in 1979. Hey, they still work too…!
uwlover4u - 7/08/2008 6:23 PM
I love my Oceanic VT 3 computer. I have 2 transmitters so it can "watch" my tank and my pony. Tells me when I can fly and does just about everything else you need it to do except it won’t cut your meat at dinner.
mukashi - 7/08/2008 6:49 PM

I love my Sherwood Avid BCD. It is the most comfortable that I have worn. It is a jacket style but does not squeeze me to death like some others do. It inflates away from me and floats me straight up when on the surface. It also has several "D" rings to hang my stuff from. It’s all about connecting my toys to me when I dive!!!
RigHunter - 7/08/2008 7:19 PM

Good point, I have an Avid too... man it’s real nice.
BlueOcean - 7/08/2008 9:06 PM

I have this metal tank banger and pointer, a thin metal rod with a washer welded on the end and a pice of jump cord tied to it. I use this tool to coach fish out of holes for pictures. Also works good on Lobster.

polarbear - 7/08/2008 10:41 PM
i would have to say that it my new bc it is a genesis recon. i was diving with a dui intrepid w/o intergraded w/s and being the typical bigger white boy i have dreaded noassatall (no-ass-at-all), so the weightbelts just kept falling off. now i swim with confidence. lol polarbear
Joanie - 7/08/2008 11:23 PM
I would have to say my mask and my mouth piece on my regulator. My mask because I have a lot of hair and had difficulty find one that would keep a seal. This one is made in Italy and fits perfect..and it’s pretty! ha ha.. My mouth piece because I "surgically repaired" it to fit my mouth precisely! Makes for a great dive when you aren’t messing with plastic that is too large and digging into your gingiva..gum tissue. 
Nesher - 7/09/2008 1:24 AM

Wow! I don’t have just one favorite piece of equipment. My entire gear set up is awesome to me. I wouldn’t want to dive with a substitute for any part of my gear set up. 

BCD is the Scubapro Knighthawk. (Absolutely love it)ScubaPro MK25/600s Regulator (It’s a work horse and a easy breather)

Suunto Cobra II dive computer ( All I can say is it’s an excellent piece of hardware)

I didn’t know how valuable my mask was to me until I tested a low volume mask last May. Yikes!! I hated that mask, so I switched back to my former mask w/a better appreciation for it.

The only piece of equipment that I am not sure about are my fins. I’ve bought four different pair of fins and still can’t seem to find the pair that makes it happen for me.

I"m buying another pair next month to try out on my upcoming trip to Turks and Caicos.

Oh.....the warm water beanie...I never dive w/o it. Two dive knives and a pair of diving shears (dive in Northern California and Kelp you’ll understand)

Lastly...Dive Alert Plus...both water and air horn...let’s face it. I really like my gear!!
Crush - 7/09/2008 2:45 AM
I like my Pinnacle wetsuits, and I am also partial to my Sherwood Freedom BC.
mo - 7/09/2008 4:56 AM
Can’t make up my mind which is my favourite, but I love the air trim system on my BCD, would never go back to a standard inflator. I am also very fond of the AIR in my cylinder would never dive without it.
FINSUPHAMMERDOWN - 7/09/2008 12:44 PM
my mask Cressi Big Eyes and bc Cressi Bac Jac
Blade - 7/10/2008 9:06 AM
My custom made wet suit by far. You all know what it’s like to struggle to get into a wet suit. Mine is specially made to my dimensions with zippers on the forearms and ankles. Perfectly form fitted and a breeze to get in and out of...
Diverdown - 7/10/2008 7:02 PM
i would have to say my new uwatec GALILEO SOL, it rocks the dive world, wouldnt ever trade it for any thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thunderdiver - 7/17/2008 1:23 PM

That is a tough one for me. I like my Aries dive computer and my Ranger BC.
SeaBass - 8/23/2008 8:34 PM

It’s a toss up between my Sherwood BCD and my speargun.