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Do i have to buy a different mask for gopro hero3+
Markkk - 12/15/2013 3:47 PM
Category: Equipment
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I’m going to buy a gopro hero3+ balck edition. Do I have to buy a mask the have a mount for it or is there something else that I can use. I like to dive with my TUSA mask.
RAWalker - 12/15/2013 9:45 PM
there is a headband mount that some people use for point of view shooting I mounted a similar camera to the top of a Princeton Tech Miniwav 4C flashlight and like to point and scan
dalehall - 12/16/2013 5:08 AM
I use the GoPro headband for my POV shooting and underwater stuff. You can see my underwater stuff using the headband on my Youtube Channel.
Look for my Shark Dive footage (12 videos)
ScubaGrunt - 12/16/2013 5:36 AM
The headband works fine for me with any mask. In cold water I just put it on then pull my hood over it to ensure it won’t fall off. When not wearing a hood, I just use some type of "dummy cord" to connect it to my gear in case it comes off my head so it won’t get lost. This is normally only a concern in situations such as strong current, wreck penetration, or other tight situations where it may get bumped off my head. You can check out my YouTube Channel also if you’d like. It’s TheSCUBAgrunt.

Have fun!
dalehall - 12/16/2013 6:38 AM
Just subscribed Danny.. Some nice videos..
RockRat2008 - 12/16/2013 10:06 AM
Agreed; I have been using the head mount for over a year in a variety of fresh water and salt water dives and never had an issue. I started with the Hero 2 and now have the black Hero 3+.

There are other options out there to mount it to your mask, mount it on your wrist, on a pole that you carry, etc. but I have always preferred the head mount since it gives the point of view perspective. Where I look is what I film.

You’re going to love it!
Markkk - 12/16/2013 5:34 PM
Headband sounds great. Thanks guys! And you both have nice videos. Will definitely see some more.
ScubaGrunt - 12/16/2013 6:52 PM
Thanks Dale, likewise.
TColJeep - 12/19/2013 8:35 PM
The headband works great but as ScubaGrunt pointed out, it can come off. I had it happen and was lucky enough to recover it. I then went home and added a chin strap so if it happened again it would be hanging from my neck. It works great and also keeps the headband secure.
Markkk - 12/19/2013 9:57 PM
thank you for the tip. and like ScubaGrunt said, it is good to have something to tight with it so if it falls out, I wont lose it. and my first dive wiith it will going to be 40ft max.
cducote - 12/22/2013 10:50 AM
I use the handlebar mount and attach the gopro to my regulator hose in an inverted position as close to the second stage as possible. it works great and you never get bubbles in the video.
DiveBuddyChgo - 12/25/2013 4:55 AM
I am thinking of using a helmet mount. Set the camera for a full time video. Then edit later. Hands free and no chance to lose. I’d rather be looking at something interesting without having to worry about the camera shoot. Going to check with my cave diver buddies to get info. for a helmet to mount the camera to.
joec1 - 12/29/2013 6:41 PM
I use a handle bar. But i did just see an XS Scuba Mask with a Go Pro Mount attached to it. Not sure I would use that, weight might be issue. The headband is good too. I use mine as a video recorder and grab stills from it. Set to HD and off and running. If you have the +, then try some 4K vids and see what they come out like.
DiveBuddyChgo - 1/01/2014 7:11 AM
I have optd not to use the helmet mount system for the GoPro while diving. The helmet is bad for travel space and its on top in front of the helmet. If it gets hit cracks the housing and it goes to GoPro heaven. My next option is the headstrap and pulling up a neoprene hood from around my neck up over the head band so it doesn’t come off and float away. My opinion of a GoPro attachment to the mask is not good. Enjoy your GoPro.
RichKeller - 1/16/2014 3:50 PM
You could use a bicycle helmet with the foam padding removed.
Markkk - 1/17/2014 12:06 PM
Thanks, i dove Cozumel last week with the mounting mask (borrowed from a friend) for my gopro, and it was great. I didnt have to worry my gopro falling off. The only cons was that the mask was as comfortable as my TUSA mask. Im thinking buying a telepole stick for my next dive since the gopro couldnt film fish just a feet away.
Dak507 - 6/10/2014 9:15 AM
I found a video/guide online how to make your own mounting mask. Was very easy to do and worked great, couldn’t tell the gopro was there while diving or snorkeling. I didn’t notice any weight issues and I used the floaty backdoor and a red filter on mine.