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Diving San Juan, Puerto Rico
kgalbreath - 2/24/2013 7:14 AM
Category: Travel
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Looking for some dive tips for San Juan, Puerto Rico. I will be traveling here in the coming months for work and would like to take a little personal time to dive. I will be traveling solo so I will need either a buddy that knows the area or a recommendation on a dive shop to book a dive with. I am planning to take my own gear minus tank, weights and fins. Any recommendations would be much appreciated and any contact from a local buddy would be great!


Agojo - 2/24/2013 2:24 PM
I had flew in at 10am, checked in to hotel and meet Karen Vega from Caribe Aquatic Adventures in the old San Juan area by 1p.m. She had tanks and weights for me and we did a great shore dive with max depth 32’, capture 2 lionfish for research, feed seaweed to the shrimp hiding in a hole and she gave me a preprinted list with all the varieties of marine life checked that we seen on that dive. We meet behind the Normandie Hotel, get specific directions from her.

I only had time for the one dive as worked next 2 days and left of the 3rd day. What I was told there is not really any other diving from San Juan, must go to other side of island to get boat or other shore diving which was 2-4 trip one-way depending on traffic. Wife and I went out the other 2 evening and it would take an hour to go 15 miles from the Embassy Suites. I recommend the Embassy Suites if you have choice where to stay, best Hilton hotel ever stayed in and I retired from traveling with work of nearly 2,000,000 Hilton Honors points so I’ve stayed in a few.

Have a good time and tell Karen hi for me if you dive with her. We did the dive on December 13, 2010.
Airworks - 2/24/2013 3:47 PM
I strongly recommend Culebrita, a tiny island next to Culebra. You’ll probably need to fly from the city of Fajardo, on the far eastern side of the main island. From Culebra, you can charter over to culebrita.

It is by far the best place to dive around Puerto Rico.

Dive Culebra (dive shop) Phone: 515-290-2310