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Recommendations for Diver + Non-Diver - Cozumel, Summer 2012
Emily_NYC - 6/02/2012 4:02 PM
Category: Travel
Replies: 9

I’m planning a trip to Cozumel this
summer with a non-diver. Does anyone have recommendations for a good
resort to stay at for both of us + dive operator I should consider? I’m
fine with staying somewhere more non-diver friendly (i.e., with a beach)
and find a standalone dive operator if a good outfit can pick me up at
our hotel.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
MaryW - 6/03/2012 6:41 AM
we rented a condo at Residencias Reef through vrbo that we were so pleased with we’re staying there again in November, and Blue XT picked us up every day at the dock, plus they take care of all your dive equipment while you’re there. The owner, Christi, baked us something fresh each day plus the fruit! For full disclosure, Christi is a friend of mine, but not a close friend so I don’t think my view is biased.

I would also never miss a massage with Sally at . Last visit I took a very fun cooking class that your non-diver might like

The "wild" side of the island should also not be missed, imo. The beaches are located there, and some very fun restaurant/bars to hang out and eat good ceviche!!
MaryW - 6/03/2012 6:43 AM
I meant to add that staying at the Residencias Reef offers you the use of the resort right next door, which has a very nice beach. The only downside is the distance from town, but we rented a car which gave us an excuse to explore the island!!
Greg - 6/03/2012 7:37 AM
I forgot Chucho Divers was on DiveBuddy. Here is their profile:
zielit - 6/03/2012 7:48 PM
I stayed at Occidental Allegro (if you like all inclusive). Decent food, nice beach, great and close to diving sites. They have dive operator onsite, which is really great. Contact me if you want/need more details.
Emily_NYC - 6/05/2012 6:35 PM
Thanks everyone, appreciate all the recommendations! Will be sure to check them out.
ffscubadude - 6/15/2012 3:56 PM
If you are looking for something for the two of you to do together.....Google spearfishing Cozumel and talk to Leo. He takes you out to freedive/snorkel and spearfish. My son and I did that a couple of years back and we had a great time. Didn’t get any fish ourselves but Leo got 3 fish and 3 lobsters. We didnt have time to do it because we were rushed to get back to a cruise ship but he can arrange to get the fish cooked for you at his friends restuarant. He also can hook you up with a partner of his Alejandro who can take you out diving. We went with him last year and we were the only ones on the boat!! Which was great because my son had not been diving long and being able to dive with a DM for just he and I was priceless. Allowed me to see much more without having to keep such a close eye on him. If you do it please tell Leo that Firefighter Bill from Alabama said hello.
rockwalldiver - 7/09/2012 6:25 PM
Don’t know if it’s too late or not. We just got back from a sty at Cozumel palace. Great place 5star, but you know the saying. Dive with Martin is a great operator and they leave early and return early so you don’t leave your companion all day. Worked well for my family and I.