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Florida Meet & Greet......Jan.24. thru Feb. 10 2008
snapperhead - 11/29/2007 8:19 AM
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Luv2dive and I are hoping to help put together (not pay for) a "" meet and greet in Florida this winter. Any that have an intrest should check bach here for updates. This event will probably travel from one dive destination to another. Those in FL that wish to host and show off some of your local awesome diving, please feel free to post. We anticipate the start of this journey to begin in Tampa. Any help is welcome.....THIS WILL BE HUGE!!!
barbaralove62 - 11/29/2007 10:36 AM
I live on Anna Maria Island Fl and have been talking to Deb aka Luv2dive. I will definitely go to a meet and greet or 2 or 3 or more LOL. I an new to this site, how do you go about hosting a site (whats involved)? There is some desent shore diving in the area and a few dive shops/charters.
Greg - 11/29/2007 11:44 AM
I suggest you pick a weekend and a dive spot or two and add it to the dive trip section, that way you have a direct place to send people to that are interested in coming. You can then easily keep in touch with everyone that has shown interest by sending group emails.

My wife and I may be interested also. We went to Florida early this year to dive the Devils Den and we loved it. Maybe we can make it a family getaway. Send me the exact dates and locations when you have them and I`ll check on it. I can also post this to the Travel section of the site ( so more people will know about it.


OcalaJim - 11/29/2007 11:47 AM
I`m sure our dive club - The Ocala Dive Club - wouldn`t mind hosting a meet and greet. We normally plan dives monthly. My usual dive buddy lives in Pinellas Park, so, maybe him and I will be able to make it to some of the other meet & greets around the state.
snapperhead - 11/29/2007 4:30 PM
OK Gang here goes. Jan.24 thru 27, 2008 Deb, aka luv2dive, and I will be at the Port Hotel and Marina in Crystal Springs, FL 352.795.3111 Call and get your rooms soon. Jan. 27 thru Feb 3 at a house in Appollo Beach (tampa area). There are three bedrooms left for rent, $600.00 for the week includes the house, beach, hot tub, and Dive/Fish boat, oh yeah a whole bedroom. Please let one of us know if would like to share the house with us. If we can fill those other three bedrooms it makes for a real affordable place to stay. Where else can you stay on the water, with a boat for less than $100.00 per day!! Feb 3 we will travel to the upper keys (Tavernier) for three days departing Fl on Feb.7. We hope to dive the Spiegal Grove wreck. She is a 510ft. navy ship that was sunk in 2002. We will be staying at Ocean Pointe, 800.882.9464 while there. This is going to be a blast!!
harleydiver - 11/29/2007 8:48 PM
Oh, Ya`ll KNOW I`ll be there.
Yohanson - 11/29/2007 10:20 PM
I`ll go. I go to Florida at least 4 times/year. I prefer the deep wrecks off of Key Largo and a female roommate:-) But, I`m easy. I can do the Oriskany too as well as the other wrecks in the Gulf as long as my roommate is a hot female;-) She`s got to be smart and adventurous too, damnit! Also, I`ll be competing at Masters Nationals the first weekend in May in Miami and plan on staying an extra few days to a week or so in Key Largo to dive if anyone is interested.
Plang - 11/30/2007 7:17 AM
If I am in town I am in. Live north of Tampa and there are several dive sites, Blue Grotto (90`) Devils Den, Paradise Springs (100+), and one of my favorites Ginnie Springs (4 dive sites.) You can go swim with the manatees but you will need a boat or go through a local dive shop. Rainbow river is a nice drift dive, but once again you will need a boat or go through a local dive shop. I will keep checking the posts and hopefully an itinerary can be done.
MostestGanpa - 11/30/2007 12:52 PM
Ok, I`m in!!! I gonna have to narrow down my exact dates and I`m hoping to be able to finalize tonight so I can get in on what sounds like a great deal on the house! But I can`t make that deadline and for others who may not make it either; will make the trip for what ever time periods we/they can what are lodging expenses and availability like?
key_largo_diver - 11/30/2007 2:31 PM
Hi.. I`ve gotten a couple of invites for this meet and greet. I just read that you plan on being in the Keys in early February.. In attempt to input some help on hosting a location.. I can offer one of my dive boats for the planned trip(s). I`d need to have a head count. My largest boat holds 24 divers, the smallest is 6. I can also make reservations at a number of hotels from Key Largo down to Islamorada that we are affiliated with for some nice prices. For example in Islamorada, Pelican Cove, and Ocean Front hotel we are on the property of has rates from $115 to $175 for each of those nights. Key Largo hotels which we are also on the property of start at $96 and go to $170. Of course the prices range for what kind of room etc.. As for the diving portion, the only thing I would ask for is that everyone signs one of our releases (something you`d have to do no matter who you dove with) and since I will not be charging anyone for the dive trip, please bring cash so you can leave the boat crew a legendary tip.. Sounds like the Spiegel Grove is the proposed destination. Is this a one dive kind of trip, or is there more dive sites planned. If who ever is organizing this can contact me, I`ll see if we can work out some of the details if anyone is interested.. D.J.
Plang - 12/01/2007 6:36 PM
Hi all, I just got back from the Florida Dive Show in Fort Lauderdale and ran into a representative for 40 Fathoms Grotto and he said as of today they have opened it up to the general diving public. I checked their website and it has not been updated yet. This is a first, prior to this information you had to be with a guide, be a guide, or take a class. Below is their web site. Something to think about. I did my deep diving there and it is a good dive.
luv2dive - 12/01/2007 6:50 PM
Mike: Snapperhead and I have been trying To get a Florida "Meet and Greet" together for DiveBuddys. It is my deepest regret that I will be unable to make it to the trip we were planning. Simply said, I have nobody to watch over my Canine Kids.News was just brought to me last night. I have not been able to communicate with Mike yet about the current situation but will update you on the status of the trip when it becomes available. I sincerely apologize for any troubles.Deb
harleydiver - 12/03/2007 6:13 AM
What kind of pups are they? If they`re small like mine, you could bring them with you. I have a huge fenced in back yard.
JollyRoger - 12/08/2007 12:47 PM
So is this meet and greet officially cancelled ?