Florida Cave Country and West Palm Beach - Feb / Mar 2019
MDW - 12/21/2018 8:05 PM
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I am planning to drive down to Florida starting the Saturday of President’s Day weekend, stopping in NC to visit relatives on the way down (but looks like all the boats there don’t run between Oct and Apr), and getting to Cave Country around Tuesday 19 Feb 19. I would like to dive Peacock, Little River, Peacock, or one of the lesser used springs the 19th to 21st if I can find a buddy to meet up with there.

The next leg involves a stay in Lantana, near West Palm Beach, with some friends who are divers, but don’t always dive as much or as hard as I would. This could be a good opportunity to dive with some new buddies in that area if anyone is interested and will be there between 21 and 27 Feb 2019.

Next I may swing by Miami for a day or 2 and maybe hit the keys for a dive or five if I can hook up with a buddy down there. If not, I will just head north to Orlando, where I drop off my wife at the USTA for a week of playing and watching Tennis.

I care little about Tennis, so my plan is to go solo back to High Springs and dive some caves from 4 to 8 March 2019. Buddies for any or all of these days would be great. If I don’t find anybody here, I’ll end up hanging out at Amigos each morning to see who comes through, where they are heading and if I can go with. If that does not pan out on a particular day, I’ll just go to Ginnie Springs and dive the Devil’s system solo or with anyone else there who wants to buddy up.

My plan is to mainly sidemount on this whole trip, but I may also take a single and my new Kraken DH reg for some modern/vintage style dives in the sea. Anyone want to join me at any of these venues?

RandyD - 12/26/2018 5:37 PM
As your dates draw closer I might be down there in Feb. and be able to dive with you. I travel back & forth from NE Georgia to cave country and Vero Beach / Jupiter FL. I recently got my NSS-CDS basic cave and have committed when I earned that cert to cave diving once a month to every 6 weeks. Luckily my wife is cool with that :) Currently I dive back mount, however my regular dive team members are side mount. I also suggest you checking out cave diver .net
Stay in touch
Thanks Randy Denniston
MDW - 2/25/2019 8:35 AM
Randy (and anyone else who may be listening),

I will be diving the Devil’s system at Ginnie March 4 through 7 (Mon - Wed). Anybody who is interested in joining me is welcomed to get in touch. If I can find a buddy, I’d also be open to any of the other local caves. It appears the river levels are going back down and the other sites are opening back up now. cavediving.com seems to be doing a good job of relaying current conditions on what’s open and what’s not.

Mark (610-657-1467)