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Regulator Storage
OUBobcat - 9/09/2010 12:03 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 14

How does everyone store their reg assemblies during the winter months? Do you hang it, lay it out flat, or loosely coil it and place it in it’s case. The reason I am asking is because I just bought my first reg assembly and I’m not quite sure which is the best method to store it so I don’t damage the hoses.
ArchimedesPrinciple - 9/09/2010 10:25 AM


Laid flat and loosely coiled in a padded reg. case
Greg - 9/09/2010 12:12 PM
I have 8 sets of regs, I just hang them up in the garage.
UWnewbee - 9/09/2010 1:41 PM
2 sets of regs,, usually wrap a plastic sandwich bag over the 2nd stages with a elastic band so no bugs decide to make a home there. My 1st stages are a sealed unit so no worries there, and hang them up.
GB - 9/09/2010 1:52 PM
All 8 regs, loosely coiled in an area where bugs and dust can’t enter the second stages.
JillCW - 9/09/2010 4:40 PM
I make room for them inside the house. Coiled or stretched out flat doesn’t matter, just don’t lay anything a tank...on them. Padded bag if you have it. Outside the bugs can get to them, ants and cockroaches will nibble on silicone mouthpieces and masks, plus the dry air can dry up lubricants and eventually silicone will harden and yellow. My most expensive gear gets treated the best...the hyundai can stay outside in the sun, but you’d park your ferrari in the living room... :)
jimran - 9/09/2010 5:37 PM
make sure they are dry and leave them in the bag ,,been good for 9 years
scubaclay - 9/09/2010 6:12 PM
I have 20 sets in my shop and they all stay in their bags, until I get them services and put back.
daz88 - 9/10/2010 9:10 PM
keep mine in the reg bag. But no winter packing....try to dive all year. :)
Brandon58 - 9/14/2010 7:52 PM
My personal regs are always kept in a padded reg bag when not in use. I have about half a dozen other regs; back ups, rentals, loaners, you get the idea. I keep those loosely coiled in individual plastic storage bins. Keeps critters out and they stack neatly. A 12 to 15 quart bin will accomodate most regs nicely. Got mine at Wal Mart for $2 or $3 each.
charl - 9/20/2010 3:47 PM
why would you want to store your reg for winter? In Cape Town, South Africa, we dive all yaer round, even in 6deg celcius water with 3meter viz. and thats a good dive.
OUBobcat - 9/20/2010 7:06 PM
I wish I could dive all year round but back here in Ohio it gets quite cold in the winter months. In the summer at Gilboa which is a big dive spot here, they say at the thermocline it is 44deg (6.5 C) and that like I said is in the middle of summer.
charl - 9/21/2010 6:51 AM
Sweet! Thats my kind of water. I’m not a fan of the hot water. Went to Mozambique and there the water gets to about 27 deg celcius.
GB - 10/05/2010 10:11 PM
Nice! Cold water diving is a whole difference experience.
Here in Colorado we have lakes who’s thermocline is 44 F at best in summer, and spring or fall it’s a whopping 38 F. In a drysuit with heavy underwear, hood and gloves, a 25 minute dive is, well, indescribable.
charl - 10/07/2010 3:50 AM

It’s nice to know that other divers also enjoy the colder water. I do mostly sea diving as there are not any lakes like you guys have, we have a few old mine quarries that go to about 50-60 meters, but that is it, then it is black water diving with no visability. I love the thrill after visiting a wreck at 40meters and comming to do a safety stop and being visited by one or two great whites. This makes a good after dive chat amongs the group.