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Best Tech. Regulator
GenoMc - 3/13/2009 5:52 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 3

In your opinion what is the best tech diving regulator? I use the Scuba Pro MK25with S600, I also own the Dive Rite RG2500. What do you all think is a good deep tech diving regulator.
VaDiver95 - 3/13/2009 7:26 PM
I love myScubaPro S600/Mk25 set-up...I have that on my doubles and deco bottle. A lot of my friends use the Apeks and love them too. 
Jen-Michael - 3/13/2009 11:23 PM
I have both Dive Rites and Apex XTX’s and I would say either first stage makes hose routing easy with the DST (DST style for DR) first stage. But the breathing is smooth and easy with both and servicing is relatively easy and inexpensive, as opposed to what I’ve heard from others about SP. I’d go for either of those.
Bigdogdown - 3/16/2009 2:34 AM
I have the RG2500 for my single tank use, 7 ft primary DIR rig. I have Apeks Tec 3 system on my doubles, my hoses just dissappear with that rig.