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Dry Suit Repair
Soup - 1/07/2010 1:00 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 6

The rubber booties that are part of the suit are torn as well as the rubber lining around the neck. Can this be repaired? How much would it cost? Any repair shops that you would recommend in the East Texas area?
seawolfdiving - 1/08/2010 3:20 PM

I had some drysuit repair work done by a man in New York. I shipped it to him, he reapired it, and then shipped it back. I felt that his priced were reasonable.

His name is Frank Copren.

his e-mail is FCOPREN58 [ at ]

He replaced my boots for me, but he does zippers & seals as well.

Good luck.


jimran - 1/08/2010 4:33 PM
They can, I do all my own repairs shops are high if you are good with your hands you can do a suit repair yourself ,,boots are easy ,,the neck seals are harder but its fun to do I take mine into work and have my work mate give me a hand with the neck seal,,boots I use a soda bottle,,neck seals, I use a constuction cone it works well ,do some reading and you can replace them yourself,,,,
Soup - 1/08/2010 4:39 PM
I’ll check it out. Thanks!
Soup - 1/08/2010 4:40 PM
Thanks, will do!
jimran - 1/08/2010 5:37 PM
if you do it yourself make sure you check the suit before use ,for leaks and a good seal with the glue ,,any questions just ask
scubaclay - 1/09/2010 12:46 PM
I have used Frank for repairs, he is great. I had him put new boots on my commercial dry suit. He did a fine job and that was 3 years ago.