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Regulator repair, annual maintenance
Greg - 4/07/2006 11:28 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2

I`m currently going through training to service regulators. I now have great respect for the guys that do this for a living. Regulator repair is not easy and takes a long time. You need lots of special tools, measuring devices and cleaning supplies. When you take your regulators in for service, don`t assume that because it costs around $100 that the dive shop is making tons of money. Because of the costs (new parts, required tools, time), they are hardly making any money. The recomendation is to have your regulators serviced once a year. And after looking at the inside of some of the ones I`ve repaired, once a year is needed...otherwise you`re rolling the dice each time you dive. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on the methods used to keep your gear in working order?
megteeth97 - 3/16/2007 11:27 AM
Just got my gear back from a local Co. I never dealt with before, Paid 268 for service on 1st & 2nd stage as well as Back up reg. They also removed a scuba pro Air2 (would stick ALOT)and added a Zeagle inflator with new hose and Schrader valve. Did I get taken?
DalelynnSims - 3/17/2007 11:18 PM
Did you get taken . . . how much is your life worth? There is always a chance that a dive shop is not doing the work it claims however I don’t think that they would be in business long if they did and the liability issues with doing substandard work could close even the biggest shops. Now for the cost; not knowing how old or the condition of the equipment as a minimum I expect that they put in an overhaul kit into the first and second stages. If any other hard parts were needed e.g. valves, springs etc. then it naturally adds to the cost. Considering that most overhaul kits with just soft parts, O Rings, diaphragms and the like start around $40 and go up, again depending on the type; as well as the other work completed then no you likely got a fair price. Additionally consider that if something goes wrong, needs adjustment as it free flows a bit to easy they would likely do this at no cost. Not a bad price for peace of mind. You could have had the Air2 repaired as well. My $.02