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Massive Problem with BCD
SummerCharpentier - 6/19/2009 1:22 PM
Category: Equipment
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Hey again everyone, sorry I keep posting lame stuff, but I really must A. suck as a diver. B. ruin all the equipment i use. C. really suck as a diver and ruin my gear... well anyway... Here’s whats up:

I have an integrated weight BCD, and I was diving my typical dives, not so shallow at oh say, 90ft., not too extreme but a deep dive none the less when my weight pockets fell straight out of my BCD. now mind you I did not go shooting to the surface because they did stay clipped, well more so velcroed to the BCD, so I was fine. They did however fall out from the inside out... does this make sense? I followed it up with a shallower dive after having to hold my weights in the whole entire dive, with the same luck as before. I bought my BCD last year, although I do dive often, I don’t think my BCD should be worn out yet?! HELP =\


[3 Summer
m_grieco - 6/19/2009 2:16 PM
I also have integrated weight pockets on my BCD, and I observed in Egypt when I needed a lot of weight to get neutrally buoyant that my weight pockets looked like they "wanted" to come out (granted I almost 3 kg per pocket). Mine snap in place though, so I don’t foresee them actually coming out. In the Red Sea (due to the high salinity of the water) more weight than normal is needed, and most divers that had the integrated system chose to wear the weight belt instead just because the stress the extra weight would cause the BCD. So, basically my advice is use a weight belt...probably will help prolong the life of the BCD anyway. Or at least use less weight in the pockets, maybe put half the weight in the integrated pockets and half on the belt. 
seawolfdiving - 6/19/2009 4:32 PM

Hi Summer;

What is the make & model of your BCD? How old is it? Did you buy it new or used"?

Velcro is great stuff. Almost as great as zip ties and duct tape, but it does not last forever. If the velcro is worn out then you may need to have it replaced. If the BCD was purchased new from a Dive Shop (and only a year old) then it "might" be covered by warranty.

I have a weight integrated BCD with velcro closures on the pull panels (for easy dumping) but I don’t load the weight pockets using these closures. Each weight pocket is equipped with a zipper closure at the top, for use in loading and unloading weights. The velcro is only used for emergency weight dump. This way, the velcro does not wear out.

Ron sends

scubaclay - 6/19/2009 5:26 PM
As an instructor and shop owner,I advise you to take the unit back to your lds and have them look at it. If it is fairly new they should be able to warrente it.
divemaiden - 6/19/2009 5:55 PM

You don’t suck as a diver. But it sure does sound like your equipment isn’t the best. Weights should not slip out of a weight integrated bcd unless they are not properly secured or you may have put more weight in the pocket than is recommended by the manufacturer. I recommend switching your weights to a weight belt. Or, try half and half. Half on a belt, half in your pockets.

I used to have a weight integrated bcd (still do come to think of it), but I find I prefer using a weight belt as it makes lifting the tank and bcd together a little easier than lifting the tank, bcd and 10 lbs of lead weight. Plus, if for some reason you find you need to remove the bcd under water, i.e, to make an adjustment or get through a narrow space while wreck diving, etc., then you’re still weighted down and don’t go shooting up the surface.
on_two_wheels - 6/20/2009 12:28 AM
If both sides of the opening are NOT part of the bladder, have someone stitch on a clip type enclosure. You’ll never have that problem again and I’ll bet it won’t cost much.
Fritz - 6/21/2009 9:23 AM
We use the velcro/delrin clip type of weight retention system for our scuba classes, and have not had "that" problem. But now that you have brought it to my attention, I have a Zeagle BC that the wieght pockets close with zippers.
I probably not ever purchase the velcro retention system.
Thank you for bringing this topic up.
Velcro is the first name for the hook and loop fastener system, now there are many manufacturers and with many different kinds of materials. Some of these ’plastics’ have different lifespans under different conditions. They should be a little difficult to pull apart, if not, your hook and loop fastening patches may need to be replaced. Not a difficult job but it should not be neccesary on a year old BC.
OcalaJim - 6/24/2009 11:12 AM
Probably not your best solution, but, I went to an OMS wing / aluminum backplate and dive with steel tanks. Now I don’t have to carry any weight with me at all - It works great for me.
Pixel - 6/25/2009 7:59 AM
How much weight did you have in your pockets? Some BC’s can only take so much integrated weight.

My worst fear is my pockets falling out, so I carry half my weight in my BC and the other half around my waist. Then for good measure I keep empty plastic shopping bags in my BC pockets so that if I lose weight or need weight I can fill up the bags with sand and carry on diving. Cheap back up method.
Cwissie - 6/30/2009 6:07 AM


Thats a really great idea I will definatel start carrying around a spare bag or two they dont take any space & would definately help in an emergency. Thought would always recommend ending dive if you equipment fails to operate correctly.